Posted by: notomamiko | 06.02.09

Queen’s Blade – Reina vs. Tomoe Outdoors Battle!


You guys maybe wondering what the hell this is about. This is not an episode of Queen’s Blade, the anime will air on April 2009. This is a segment from the Queen’s Blade Vol. 0 DVD w/c was released December last year. It features Ayako Kawasumi and Mamiko Noto (voice actors of Reina and Tomoe respectively) battling each other by playing various simple games. Oh and don’t expect this to be a perfect release, there maybe some things we overlooked due to us being understaffed. I guess, this would be a good opportunity to ask for help >.> As of now we need a Timer, Encoder and QC. If any of you guys are interested just leave a comment here.

Oh and since I don’t know where to put the credits in the video, I decided not to put it and so I’ll just post the names in here.

yukachi- Timing and Translation
ookami06 – TLC
Jo-kun – Editing
Nonartisan – Editing

Queen’s Blade – Reina vs. Tomoe Outdoors Battle!



  1. Wow, thanks a lot, I love Mamiko Noto ^^


  2. Thank you very much for release. I’m always looking forward to watch any seiyuu interviews or shows, especially with those I really like and admire – and you bet Ayako and Mamiko are definitely one of my top favourites 🙂
    If you’re looking for encoder then here I am – though I cannot promise anything (especially taking part in any full-time project), Right now I’m doing nice PV DVD rips, if only there is something I really like that is. As for this video the pillarbox is crying to be removed. Leaving anamorphic size (without any hard resize) is the best option too… but something lets me suspect that it’s not your fault because it’s not your DVD rip and the raw was encoded in such way already 🙂


  3. @BlickWinkel: Hi, we would like to have you as Encoder. I really have no clue when it comes to encoding stuff. And yeah, this video was not our own rip. We’re not going to do anime releases, only stuff like the Queen’s Blade Outdoors Battle and maybe Drama CDs and Web Radio Shows so do not worry about a full time project coz we wont have that, lol.

    Anyway, you can contact us at


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