Posted by: notomamiko | 14.03.09

[Tachibana Yuu&Tsukiji Toshihiko]Kampfer_-_ch01


[Mamiko] Kampfer ch.01          – DDL /     Torrent

Finally it’s done! after months of struggles at Mount Forever our Cleaner, Haneda, finally have it done! Seriously though, it could have been more sooner ( /~.~)/ anyways, the important thing is that he managed to finish this scanlation otherwise, he would have received a good beating from us if he still failed to pass it this week.

Anywho, please enjoy our very first scanlation release, it may not be the well-done but please bear with us and remember.. We will strive to be much better!. Also, look forward to our next release you can rest assured our beloved Haneda-tan will be monitored 24/7 so he won’t get lost again and again, that person doesn’t have any sense of direction.. geez.

Now then, that’s all for today may you have an awfully fun day this weekend. Oh and i almost forgot, thanks to our reliable staffs for this it wouldn’t even  have been possible without them. kukuku~

Lovingly yours,


P.S. If anyone can provide us chapter 2 RAW please do so.


  1. mmm chapter is already being done by SCx-scans. i think you guys can ask for a joint as to lower the workload.


  2. @danccm: So SCx-scans are doing chapter 2? Or are you saying they already did chapter 1? Coz yeah, we know they finished chapter 1 way ahead of us. About a joint project… we feel much comfortable working alone and we’re a bunch of lazy guys (we don’t stick to a schedule) so I don’t think SCx-scans would welcome us >.>


  3. i am saying bout chapter 1.

    well they are doing chapter 2 but got stalled along the i think they will have a little longer to go before releasing it…

    ic so a joint is a no go…well i do hope chapter 2 will be soon if you can find the 2nd chapter…btw try asking on or find it on


  4. morobi did the translation script for kampfer c2 already in january, but their editors from ncis and scx dont get their heads over it – at least the guys in scx saying they dont know whats the status on kämpfer.
    anyhow competiton is always good
    especially when it cleaned so nice ^^


  5. @danccm: I see, we’ll continue looking for chapter 2 and thanks for the link!

    @saber2: Thanks. Judging by SCx-scan’s situation, I don’t think there’s much we could offer to them >.>


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