Posted by: notomamiko | 10.04.09

To-LOVE-Ru OVA ep. 1


First and foremost, all credit goes to Anon for timing this and I used some of his translations since they were correct. I was planning on timing this myself but I keep getting distracted with Cross of Venus, Sengoku Basara and Queen’s Blade to make any progress so luckily I happen to get Anon’s subs. Also, I tried my best to make as little mistakes as possible (made 5 rounds of checking) as everyone but me is on vacation so this project did not passed through any TLC or QC. We may release a version 2 if there is a demand for it and if my staff are available >.>


Direct Download


  1. Direct Download :

    Series Directory :


  2. @Max: Thank you for providing a Direct Download link. We appreciate it.


  3. Yeah, way more accurate then my crappy job, especially that bath scene (I was honestly hoping someone would take my timings). Thanks for this.


  4. @RogerOskaner: Thank you for timing this, it really helped me speed up the release. If we were to do it by ourselves it might take weeks before we release this >.>


  5. Many Thanks!


  6. can i get the subtitle script separately.


  7. @SoE:


  8. are these all dvdrips?
    and isn’t this the 2nd batch of OVA’s? since I remember rito turning into a girl in one of the OVA’s


    • Yes this is a DVD rip, most OVAs we release come from DVD rips. Also, this is the OVA where Rito turned into a girl.


  9. Oh XD
    thanks for the reply 😀


  10. OVA 1


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