Posted by: notomamiko | 18.04.09

Queen’s Blade – Reina vs. Tomoe Outdoors Battle! V2

Thanks to BlickWinkel for reminding me to finish version 2 >.> This was  long overdue for release but I was sort of distracted with many things. Anyway, we have reduced the file size but the video quality is still good and we improved the timing. Translation was kept unchanged so those who have watched version 1 do not need to watch it again.

Oh and we need some help. Check out our Recruitment Page.


DDL (Mediafire)

yukachi – Timing and Translation
ookami06 – TLC
BlickWinkel – Encoding
Jo-kun – Editing
Nonartisan – Editing


  1. seed ;_;


    • Reseeding. Please be patient coz my connection is slow.


      • thx :3


  2. Please seed, been stuck at 97.6% for a while. Thanks in advance.


  3. Seeding is still needed. There is only a swarm of peers with 38.5% completion.


    • Hi, we will not seed this again but we have provided DDL. See updated post above.


      • Thanks a million!


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