Posted by: notomamiko | 01.07.09

Queen’s Blade BD Special -Everyone breaks out ♥ Gainos Academy Rampage!-


For those who didn’t get the joke above, Tomoe’s voice actor is Noto Mamiko. Ma-MIKO (Miko as in Shrine Maiden) get it? Okay, I’ll grab my hat… After over a month of inactivity, we’re back! Mamiko presents Queen’s Blade BD special -Everyone breaks out ♥ Gainos Academy Rampage!-. It’s a 2 minute video featuring boobs and panty shots, just the way I like it. Lol. This release marks an improvement to my basic timing skills, I now know how to do a fade in/fade out effect! As always, we need a timer very badly. I’m just not cut out for this stuff but we have no choice really.  Having a dedicated timer would speed up our releases significantly because I’m easily distracted and too lazy to time >.> Other positions are also available so visit here for more details. Oh and Special thanks to saffolino for the encode ^^



  1. YAY )O)


  2. thanks,
    a question:
    crc in filename: 6BA42BC3
    crc of file in torrent: E736D527

    which one is correct?


    • Weird >.> The correct one should be 6BA42BC3.


  3. Perfect!


  4. just wondering, will you guys do the 2nd ova special anytime soon?


    • Yes, we’re currently working on the 2nd BD special along with TLR OVA ep. 3. Only problem we have right now is a suitable raw to use. Currently, all the raws for the 2nd BD special are in 1920×1080 resolution. We would like to use a raw that’s only 1280×720 in resolution. So if anyone can help us provide a suitable raw, contact us at


  5. Any chance of getting a valid torrent or DDL for the first ep again please? The torrent link doesn’t work any more.


    • We’ll see if we can up this on torrent or DDL.


  6. Thanks in advance.


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