Posted by: notomamiko | 17.07.09

To-LOVE-Ru OVA ep. 02


Well, it’s finally out >.> That’s what happens when I do the timing, lol. But fret not, this wont happen again. Lets all welcome Stephen, Mamiko’s new timer (and TLC). Without him, I would have released this way later, haha. With that said, expect our future releases to be much much faster compared to this one =) Nothing else to say about this episode really, it didn’t have any Oshizu but Mikan made this watchable.


MegaUpload(thx to Ruffian)


  1. A mikan is not an orange.


    • We know that, there’s a reason why we chose “orange” and not “mandarin” >.>


  2. Is this a DVD rip?


    • Yes. We are using QTS raws for our To LOVE-Ru OVA releases.


  3. mikan is actually closer to mandarin than oranges; see, satsuma is a better known word for it’s origin. Now copying the TL of another group is even worse, and I just QC.


    • Our first accusation of copying from another group, lol. And the accusation is from a late release… Okay, okay we get it. We’ll release our subs faster than anyone else so we don’t have to put up with baseless accusations of copying translations.

      As for why we chose “orange” and not “mandarin”. Three words, simplicity and familiarity =)


  4. A 蜜柑 is a type of mandarin orange. We thought translating it as “orange” would be fine, since a mandarin orange is still an orange. And as mamikonoto said, it’s more familiar and easier to read (that’s right, people have to read it in the split second that it’s on the screen).

    Also, we didn’t copy anyone’s TL. If stuff looks similar, then it’s because we just happened to translate stuff in the same way. This is not a difficult thing to do when translating. TL Note: 偶然の一致 means “a coincidence” in English.

    Still, I highly doubt that our translation is even close to being the same as anyone else’s. But, thank you for your input, troll valued commentator.


  5. Umm.. could u inform me when the 3rd episode of ToLoveRU OVA has been subbed and available? thx a bunch.


    • TLR OVA ep. 3 hasn’t been released in Japan yet so no one has subbed ep. 3 >.> If you’re asking when will the subs be available for ep. 3 then our answer is sometime around August (according to ANN ep. 3 will be released on August).


  6. August?? cool..!
    hope it releases in the early august! thx be4


  7. To Love-Ru OVA 3 is out!

    Any word on when the subs for that will be finished?


    • We don’t like to make any promises (give out a date) but we are already working on it =)


      • Cool! Can’t wait, 🙂


  8. OVA 2


  9. any chance of reseeding the OVA’s again? Megaupload seems to be timing out on me more times then I can stand.


    • The megaupload for OVA 2 works fine for me. I’ll reseed this for one week.


      • Arigatou arigatou honto ni arigatou.


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