Posted by: notomamiko | 24.07.09

AIKa Zero OVA ep. 1


Sorry, I just couldn’t resist >.> The Tsukamoto sisters Aika and Karen are back along with Eri for another OVA filled with panty shots everywhere! This is the TV broadcast version BTW so the video quality may not be up to standards for some people. Rest assured we will release a DVD version of ep. 1 when the DVD is released (and if we find a suitable RAW). For now, enjoy this sweet OVA and seed as long as you can.

Also, I would like to introduce Mamiko’s newest members, Phycoforce and JuN. Phycoforce will be the main timer while Stephen helps him out. JuN will be doing QC along with Jo-kun (if he’s not busy). With that said, I hope more people would join us so we could be more active and improve our releases further.



We will no longer support this old version of ep. 1, please get it in the Batch.


  1. First, Thanks for subbing it.
    And then, lets do a BD version, i cant wait for it.



    • Just want to confirm, are you offering us a BD rip when the BD comes out or are you asking us to do a BD release?


  2. Great, thanks for a lot subbing this.


  3. Yeah, I didn’t actually get a chance to adjust any of the timings in this particular release, because I didn’t have enough, err… time.

    So, my contribution was just doing TLC. I’m hoping that for future episodes, I’ll have enough time for timing-tweaking. But fine-timing is really time-consuming for me.

    The word “time” needs more synonyms. I used it too much in this comment.

    Time time time.


    • Well Your TLC was a big Help and you know it so even without checking the timing you were a big help!


      • This will likely be the last time I TLC. I’m going to just stick to timing in the future.


  4. Great release, its about time someone had the guts to tackle that so-so mp4 raw. The subs are pretty much spot-on except that ‘juu-nana’ is 17 not 19. Also, please keep calling ‘oshirii’ ass instead of butt…ass just suits this show much better. Anyway, this stuff is tiring me out in more ways than one & its just the first episode. I lost track of how many times I watched it a long time ago.


    • @Scion: Thanks for pointing out Karen’s age, I don’t know why we put 19 in there and no one noticed >.> That will be corrected in the DVD release =)


  5. Thanks for subbing! I thought we’d have to wait like a year again like with R-16. *ugh*


  6. We like to use your translations for Aika Zero if its alright with u? ofcourse we will Credit U.Were planning to release the BD-Rips of Aika Zero.Sorry for my bad English…


    • Sure, you have my permission =)


      • thanks notomamiko^_^


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