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To LOVE-Ru OVA ep. 03


Well, here it is folks. To LOVE-Ru OVA ep. 3 subs by Mamiko! Thank you for being patient with us, I know you guys were waiting for this. This marks Mamiko’s first completed series, woohoo! I’ve been feeling a bit drowsy these past few days so I’m gonna cut this message short. Enjoy episode 3 and seed as much as you can!


MegaUpload(thx to Ruffian)


  1. NICE but too much hentai/eros! I am one with Agnes-chan and banning this is one thing. WRONG MESSAGE with this stuff! No girl will want people who look at this.

    Back to my research FOR I AM SLAYER545-SAMA!


    • To love-Ru is all about ecchi (Hentai is porn, this isn’t) fanservice. If you’re looking for a deep story with character development and cunning plot twists, that’s definitely not for you.
      That may be true for a teenage girl but if women would hate every man who watches/watched porn, human race would be extinct by now.


      • True are your remarks but also true if the human race would stop wasting their time on porn it would be different as in less disease and more science advances. Furthermore 75% of girls hate men with hentai/porn minds. Women/teenage girls prefer men who think of them only and not base themselves on this sort of thing.

        Try seeing the movie Otaku about who a Otaku changes when he saves a girl as in real life. It is a good Japanese movie at the very least to see some changes.

        As for me, ToLoveRU represents a bad insult to women as in glorification of body as being an evident example.


  2. Get a real tracker instead of Anirena. 90% of the people trying to download it can’t access it. Either give us a DDL or pick a non-shitty tracker.


  3. Thank you!! ❤


  4. good job, thx


  5. Thanks for the release need to watch it now^^

    First series finished? I’d like to congrats but there are supposed to be 3 more Ova’s.


    • 3 more OVAs? That’s nice. I thought the OVA only had 3 episodes >.>


      • Well, you still finished this set of OVAs!

        But they announced a new set of three that’s supposed to come out with vol. 16/17/18. You should definitely sub those too, 😀

        Also, ❤ this episode. Lots of fan service goodness, 😀


  6. Stop trolling, Slayer, its not worth it.

    By the way, I downloaded this but no matter what I did the subs wouldn’t show up…

    Bad luck on my part, eh?


    • What player are you using? We recommend using Media Player Classic to watch our releases. Also, if you haven’t installed CCCP, please install it.


      • He can also use ZOOM as well that comes with CCCP pack!


    • TROLLING!? D: I am speaking the truth! Selfish person YOU ARE! BTW I am with Agnes chan as well as the conspiracy to get rid of Japan! The anime of ecchi/hentai must stop in all forms! Porn should also! GET REAL DUDE! GOD IS ANGRY!


      • >GOD IS ANGRY!

        He’s about to get angrier. . . fap fap fap fap


  7. I feel dirty after watching that, but still enjoyable. Thank You.


  8. New info on To Love-Ru OVA 4 is out!

    It’s going to be the board game part (I think). And Momo and Nana are finally being introduced, yeesss!!!! I wonder who their voice actors are going to be. I’m excited, 😀


    • Thanks for the Info on that. Looks Intersting 😀 Looking forward to timing that!


  9. Too. Much. Boobage. And how they got Yami and Kotegawa, two anti-ecchi people, to grope boobs…it’s too much.

    The series kinda died by the 100th chapter. This OVA really blows.

    Get back to Black Cat, fool!


  10. OVA3


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