Posted by: notomamiko | 25.08.09

Queen’s Blade BD Special Double Release


Surprise! Mamiko presents Queen’s Blade BD Special 02 and 03!!! Well, I figure we do our first double release right now in order to make up for the slow release of QB BD special 02. Reason is… I got distracted with SD Gundam G Generation Wars (PS2) for the past few weeks >.> It was my first G Gen game so I was completely engrossed and didn’t bothered with anything (including QB BD special 02’s release). *cough* With that said, enjoy the double release and seed as much as you can!

P.S. I’ve included a DDL for those who can’t get our releases via torrent.

QB BD Special 02
QB BD Special 03

QB BD Special 02-03


  1. is this an OVA or something? hehe sorry if noob


    • Nope, it’s not an OVA. It’s an extra video that came with the BD release of Queen’s Blade.


      • ohh thanks for that fast reply!!!


  2. I wonder how many seconds of these special does not feature any sort of boobs ?


    • Umm, it’s Tits Blade, it will ALWAYS have boobs in it… ;p


  3. Is special 3: part 2 of school delinquent at the gate scene? 😛


    • No, special 3 features Reina, Elina and Claudette.


  4. Hey guys!Just wondering but…the Special 3 isn’t 24 minutes long? *confused* Hope you can clear up my confusion and thanks in advance ^-^


    • Yes, special 3 is not 24 minutes long. It’s around 2 minutes just like the previous 2 specials.


  5. waffo from SFW here, asking you just one question:
    why you do this ;A;


    • No hard feelings waffo, we just want to sub the QB BD specials.


    • It’s not like Mamiko is trying to compete with SFW. It wouldn’t matter how many, or how few, other groups are subbing something. Mamiko group simply subs what they want to, when they want to, because they want to. It’s really that simple. If anything, we’re competing with ourselves in order to improve our respective skills. Although I must admit that I, personally, haven’t done much lately because I’m more of a standby guy if someone’s missing/on vacation. So rest assured, Mamiko is not out to steal your thunder, or download numbers, or whatever else you’re concerned about.


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