Posted by: notomamiko | 16.09.09

Project Kimi ni Todoke



Official Website:


First of all, I was smitten by the trailer on niconico and judging from that I think this will be an awesome anime. Now I know Mamiko likes to make surprises by not announcing what she will sub but this will be the exception because we are understaffed (all of the guys are assigned to a different project) and I really want to sub this (and I doubt there will be any groups interested with this). So if you like Kimi ni Todoke and are willing to help us sub it please contact us at

We need the following people for this project:

  • Translator/Translation Checker – must have a good grasp of the Japanese language or has experience translating for a group.
  • Quality Checker – is tasked to look for any spelling errors, check for grammatical errors and rearrange sentences (if applicable) to make it more readable and sensible. Must be really good in English if not a native speaker.

Note: If the following positions are not applicable to you but you still want to be involved in this project, do contact us and maybe we could work something out =)


  1. Ah “Getting Through to You”. I remember reading about this one last month. I’ll bet you at least a couple other groups would be interested in subbing this, so even if we don’t get enough staff, I’m sure someone out there will work on it. It looks too good to ignore.


    • Well, I am hoping I won’t resort to desperate measures if I don’t get these staff. I want to sub this very badly. It’s strange really, I haven’t felt this compelled to sub something =\


  2. Frostii will sub this show, Sylf as the translator.


    • Well, good luck to you guys. Hope you don’t mind us subbing this also >.>


  3. aww that cover looks awesome

    ❤ romance


  4. thanku 4 subbung this!! i will love 2 help.. but i cant read japanese or transaleted.. sowwy! but i will love 2 help in any way i can!!..


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