Posted by: notomamiko | September 21, 2009

Mahou Sensei Negima! Mou Hitotsu no Sekai OAD ep 01


Surprise! Surprise! Mamiko adds another OVA to her list! This time we bring you Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~ ep. 1. It took us a bit of time to release this but I’m proud to say that this release is the best we have chucked out yet. And I thought we couldn’t top AIKa ZERO’s BD ep. 1 file size and out comes this whopping 495 MB video >.> Oh well, this was the only raw available, we can’t be choosy =P Anyway, I’ll use this opportunity to introduce Mamiko’s new translator, TruePsyche. He has done an excellent job in translating this OAD and I’m really glad he joined us =) I’ll still be translating BTW so Mamiko now has 2 translators! Hurrah! Expect more things to come, enjoy the Negima release and seed as long as you can!



P.S. We are recruiting team members for our upcoming Kimi ni Todoke project. Interested applicants refer to this post. Oh and check out our channel


  1. Great See you Finally Got it release😀
    You Guys worked hard on this One!
    Good job ^^

  2. Also Here Is a Megaupload Link I Posted Courtesy of Phycoforce😀

    • Thanks!

  3. this is odd…..can i get some help….it isnt running😦

  4. like the video on my desktop…not the download… it says

    Error -2048: Couldn’t open the file [Mamiko]_Mahou_Sensei_Negima!_Mou_Hitotsu_no_Sekai_OAD_ep_01.mkv because it is not a file that QuickTime understands.

    any idea how to fix this?

    • 1. Download CCCP (find it on google).
      2. Install CCCP.
      3. Use Media Player Classic (it comes with CCCP) to play the video.

      • yay its working….but the sound is really early to the words…? is that normal?

        • No it’s not normal, the sound and the subs should be synced. What are your PC’s specs?

    • Don’t use QuickTime.

      • oh im not, im using the CCCP thing i was told to use

        • my specs?
          im kinda new-ish
          but i dont get it…my other sub anime torrents are perfect…? just this one is way off in subbing and voice…? but uh yea..

  5. then again….this is also my only MKV file….does that make a difference?

    • You may have some codec issues and yes, you don’t have trouble with other anime videos because they’re all in avi format (we use mkv format for our releases).

      This link might help you:

      If that doesn’t fix the problem, try and look in other threads.

  6. thank you…ill try this.🙂 sorry for being a bother.

  7. What would be a good way to convert this to an .avi file, I can’t find a good program they are all trials with a 5 min max conversion.

    • SUPER

    • Use VirtualDub or MeGUI

  8. omg i❤ you guys i wants to hire you for big $$$$ to translate my next show

  9. this is included in the thread listed above, but for those who don’t want to search to find it:

    this is the newest beta of ffdshow, released about a week ago. it is MUCH more current than the version included in cccp, (which hasn’t been updated in years) so you may find more success with it. i had a similar issue myself, where subs wouldn’t show at all, and the video/audio sync was off and would get steadily worse. this fixed it.

    on a side note, i use bsplayer, but also mpc, zoomplayer, wmp, or whatever it takes. this update made it possible to stick with just bsplayer.

  10. Is this an upscale? I haven’t actually seen any BD rips floating around.

  11. Just a Heads Up. The IRC is down. Well it wont let me connect to it anyway…

    • Gaahhh Tell Kusion to turn Invite mode off…
      I Get this error.
      Cannot join channel (+i)

      • Already told. I can connect fine >.>

        • Yeah.. He sorted it out just before i went to bed…

  12. ummm can u guys give me a direct download avi for this please, or an mp4…so i can put on my ipod if i use a converter on tht mkv it will erase the subs…and i cannot put it in….so onegai shimasu?

  13. Whoa! I totally didn’t expect you guys to be subbing Negima!

    I’ve been waiting for this one for years, so glad you guys did it! ^^ Cheers!

  14. Hm, does anyone know the names of the songs for the OP and ED? I kind of doubt the fulls are out, but if anyone has them, that would be great!

    • OP – Love♥Drive
      ED – Get a Chance!

      • Thank you so much!😀

  15. how come there’s no subtitles? I downloaded the torrent files?

    • For those who are having trouble watching our releases:
      1. Download CCCP.
      2. Install CCCP.
      3. Use Media Player Classic to play the video.

  16. thanks :]

  17. now where could I get the next one? ^_^

  18. Excellent job on this!!! Thanks a bunch!!! I noticed that this is in your delayed list, but, if I may, do you guys have any idea if you’ll be getting the other 3 episodes done anytime in the near future???

    I have looked and looked and you all seem to be the only ones I could find! And the quality of the vid was great!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!!! ^_^

    • Right now, I do not know when we can release episode 2 but there are other groups that are subbing Mou Hitotsu no Sekai like SFW. Have you tried searching for episode 2 in tokyotosho?

      • No I haven’t but that’s soon to change! Thank you for the lead! ^_^

  19. for cereals. somebody post where to get the next episodes :O

  20. thanks for the link. I liked that translator that I downloaded😀

  21. AVI repost please desu???

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