Posted by: notomamiko | 09.10.09

Kimi ni Todoke ep 01

[Raws-4U] Kimi ni Todoke - 01 (NTV 1280x720 H.264 AAC)_001_4532

And here it is! Kimi ni Todoke ep. 1 subs by Mamiko. Before anything else, I’d like to talk about the karaoke… I know everyone is looking forward to it but we decided to wait for the official lyrics. We love this anime and we put so much effort in subbing this that we don’t want mediocre lyrics to taint this release. Rest assured we will release a karaoke.

Also, I know we’re not exactly a great fansub group but we want to improve, we’re trying to improve. We’ve made the necessary preparations (got ourselves a bunch of editors and the TL/TLC is reading the manga) and put a great deal of effort on this series but we could improve it much more. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. If you wanna join and help us, visit our recruitment channel or go to our forums or contact us at

Anyway, enjoy the release and seed as much as you can.




  1. i would like to thank you for this series i really love this anime and a big fan of Mamiko as well


    • Thank you. Let us know what you think about our release. If there are things we could improve (other than putting karaoke, lol), we’d love to hear it.


  2. finally! GET!


  3. Hey guys! tbh I never heard of you before, but your Kimi ni Todoke release was awesome. I liked the TL and the editing and the styling is superb. The only problem was that the timing was off by 1 frame in the entire episode. Also if you guys put a little more effort in the typesetting it would be a lot better. Anyways I’m sticking with this release if it doesn’t fall behind and it keeps the quality.


    • Timing seems completely fine on my computer.

      Advanced typesetting is for losers!


    • Thanks Zwill. I can’t confirm if the timing was off by 1 frame, it looked fine to me (of course I’m no expert to judge these things >.>). As for typesetting, what more do you think we could do to make it better? We need specifics if possible.


  4. Are you going to do an avi version? Thanks for the mkv torrent by the way.


    • Hello arina1992, unfortunately we don’t have an encoder to make an avi version but there are other groups out there that release an “unofficial” avi version of our releases. Just wait for a bit and I’m sure they will be out.


  5. I don’t want you to be cocky but your release is easier to translate and watch than the release of S*W. So I=ll be sticking with your releases. Even if the S*W releases have karaoke.


  6. Ahh! Thank you so much! I was looking for some pictures and came across one of your screencaps. i didn’t even realize that Kimi ni Todoke was in anime yet til I found you guys! It’s one of my favourite mangas, so I hope I can enjoy your sub just as much.
    Thank you again lots!!


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