Posted by: Phycoforce | 15.10.09

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ – 01v2

another Lynn-Minmei is born...

another Lynn-Minmei is born... 'cough' says TruePsyche 'cough'

Ignore the above joke ^^^^ Just needed a pic..>¬¬

Well you guys requested it so here it is. The fonts are bigger and we’ve used a ‘MX’ raw. So it’s ‘Uncensored’

We tried to add our karaoke to this, but it just refused to work. We’ll add it in the next episode. So don’t worry about it.

Nothing much to say but thanks to TruePsyche with helping with the torrents. I fail at that.

So here it is. Expect Episode 2 Soon!!


PS: Did I mention my spelling sucks?

Kusion: No, you didn’t.


  1. As long as you are not the TL i dont care how you spell for all i care you can just spell “shit” on the screen all you want. also try google i hear its amazing lol being sarcastic any way good job downloading bla bla waiting next episode.


    • LOL I’m the timer. If i was the TL. I Would have a Mob on me now 😀
      Just to add they all call me the ‘Court Gester’
      Guess why?


  2. I know its not my place to ask but can you sub “Fairy tail” or “11eyes” or are you too busy doing this project and cant handle too in the same time i wouldn’t ask but all the sub teams out there are ether horrible or just too new and well frankly i don’t like them! any way its for your discretion but i would love too see more of your subs and would hate too see you “burn” like “Anime-yoshi” too bad they “died” now all i can see on there page is GM spam lol any way sorry for advertising unintentionally (also if your wondering how am i writing with little amount of spelling mistakes well apparently Firefox has a spell checker installed on it who new?).


    • Firstly.
      We are doing Fairy Tail 😀

      Second I Personally would do 11 Eyes but i doubt they’ll take it up >.<
      I'll ask for you!


      • yay you are doing it yayayay *dance dance*… so when is it coming out?? well hope soon ^^ well i sayed 11eyes but i haven’t even seen the first EP yet i was just thinking if you do take it then it would boost up your popularity and such.. coz then you would be the best to sub it (ironically horrible subs really are horrible lol)..

        ohh yeah and how do i get a pic instead of that square??


        • ohh lol i didnt look down i just noticed the first episode of FT lol sorry


  3. The re-vamped first episode is awesome!!! Can’t wait for episode 2.=]


  4. Hmm. The promised v2 has been released, but no response to the question about a 480p release has been given. Does this mean that you will not be releasing a 480p version?

    Pardon me if you find my posts irritating.


  5. Can you guys not encode them so large? Not all of us are running the latest PCs with souped up processing speed. Actually, I think the majority of people have 2-4 year old computers.


  6. I 2nd that I don’t care if is .mkv or .avi or mp4 can you guys just make the size to something like 400×396 or something. Not all of us can play something that big on size


  7. So basically you guys want an SD version ok..well its up to them i for one am fine with the way it is just had some weird problems with the TL notice i couldn’t see the upper line probably my player settings got jumbled up again.


  8. Our encoder or for this anime in this case. Doesn’t know how to encode AVI to the standards you all want. If you had settings and ways to do so I may do it for you.


    • how about you take the encoder you have and some one that know how to and teach him the right method. lol


  9. SD serves Nogizaka no justice. HD all the way!!! =D


    • Than you buy everyone computers who can’t play HD Nogizaka should be injoy by everyone not just the rich think before you say that.


      • No you think before you speak. Not everyone is rich including me. I have a basic $600 dell computer(which is currently 3 years old)I bought making minimum wage where I USED to work.


        • We Get HD Raws We release in HD. All of our PC’s Bassically Suck. If we can play them so can you. If they don’t work. then we’ll obviously lowere the resoulution when needed.


  10. Why no Megaupload link this time?>


    • Uhh Sos. I’ll do tht With Episode 2. ^^


  11. thanks for rereleasing a version 2!

    to typesetter:

    if you’re going to insert some symbols on the subtitles, please make sure that these symbols would show correctly on the screen…
    (please refer to the screen shots c/o virtualmoddub)

    i’ve seen similar mistakes from other groups (such as a FsG with their version of Sora no Manimani)

    the way i fix these things is by adding an additional tag to the script
    i am using Aegisub so:
    {\fsArial Unicode MS}(SYMBOL HERE){\fs(ORIGINAL FONTSTYLE)}
    i don’t really understand the \fe tag so its kinda long…

    another thing is that if you’re going add notes… please make them a little less noticeable… like make them smaller
    it’s good to insert notes on the show
    just make them subtle (please not TOO small)

    that’s all

    thanks for reading…


    • sorry i messed up with the tags
      here are the links


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