Posted by: Phycoforce | October 18, 2009

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ – 02

harukas drawing suck

Well finally…here you have it!

This episode is about ‘Haruka’ a girl he can’t draw anything for crap. The story also goes on to random people buying her random Doujinshi just for feeling sorry for here… By the way Shina FTW!

I LOL’D when Haruka started crying over the fact no one would buy her doujinshi. It made me very good about myself…very good… Anyway!

Seriously. Sorry for the delay! To tell the truth this was finished on thursday. However we seemed to of have got lost somewhere… However next week we will ‘Definatly’ get this out faster…Yeah I Mean you guys…’cough’ QQ ‘cough’😀

To make things better,we’ve also added karaoke. So that’s something new to enjoy.

As usual. Try seeding the torrent as long as you can.




  1. Arigatou for the second episode. =]

  2. ppl i have some problem with the opening it wont play right it starts right but then it starts to lag suddenly and when i try to stop the video it continues but the sound stops that kind of lag happens only with the opening song and it works fine with other releases that were made by other ppl i have quad core, 4 gig ram, and i use CCCP (i hate it, when i used XP pack i didnt have broblems playing it but with xp i cant see any effects like moving char’s and such).

    • We are currently looking at your problem and we’ll post the solution in here if we find it. Sorry for the slight inconvenience.

      • thanks also i dont think i mentioned this but the same problem is with the opening and with the ending.
        if you have any recording software i would gladly record it and upload it or something …

  3. Were working on it now. Seems the karaoke was way to intensive on the 720p. So we had to make it simple. Wait for it it’ll come soon.

    • i get that its intensive but dosnt it spouse to work on a quad core any way ?? is my computer shit??

  4. No.. well thats what we got from an expert encoder.

  5. Bloody hell those subs are rather large aren’t they?

    @pery: I’ve noticed the karaoke lags on my PC too, and I’ve also get a quad core + 4GB ram + CCCP, so it’s not just you.

    In addition, in the ED the letters of the romanji at the top of the screen are overlapping each other, making it hard to read.

  6. Were aware of it. so please wait.

  7. As it was said earlier karaoke lags pretty much – so I think it’ll be better with hardsubbed karaoke. And you forgot to mux font for karaoke))

    • that might just be better than not seeing subs at all. 0_o I don’t know whats up… TT

  8. Geez, this is really embarrassing for us. Failure after failure, lol. We’re gonna release a version 2 with fixed karaoke. Sorry again for the slight inconvenience. orz

    • its ok i dont mind its just karaoke not the hole episode is damaged ,ohh and i wanted to ask why is the karaoke ok on other releases you before this one.

      • It’s because the other releases had simple (no fancy effects) karaoke and we will do that also with ep. 2 V2 and to the succeeding episodes.

  9. Not sure if it’s just me, but I notice the subs flickering a lot for some reason. Best example is the scene with the helicopter immediately after the opening credits. Can’t say I’ve ever seen such an issue before either.

    It’s not deal breaking in my opinion and I’d rather not rain on your parade even further, but it’s definitely something worth pointing out.

  10. Well if all thats wrong with ep2 is the lag on the OP and the lettering on the ED then I won’t worry about downloading a v2 either, but it’s good to know that you are striving for perfection with your releases.
    The only problem a see now is the subs being so large (it’s as if, after people complained about them being too small, you went from one extreme to the other) but that’s not so much a deal breaker.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  11. Fairy Tail episode 2 haven’t out yet?

  12. Thanks for the episode, although “nexts weeks” is already released lol. >.>; but yeah, cool.

    • That was outed by Horrible Subs. They release before the raw is yeahh.. You wont have to wait long.

      • Ah, I see. Cool. Thank you =D

      • They Suck!!!!

  13. gonna continue with the MX versions? just wondering

  14. MX and ATX are the same bassically. do it doesn’t matter which we use. but as you know this project is stalled.

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