Posted by: notomamiko | 22.10.09

Fairy Tail ep 02


Fairy Tail team is busy with a new project so you guys will have to settle for boring me >.> Anyway, enjoy episode 2 and seed as much as you can. Thanks for being patient!



  1. I saw the ep before


  2. hmmm another project will we get to see it?? soon???


    • Yes 🙂


  3. oh! no irc yet will wait for it then… thanks for the release d[^__^]b


  4. Awesome, been waiting for you guys’ release to watch this one. (Your translation note in Ep1 made me an instant fan, I hate it when groups gloss over that sort of thing)


  5. The Subs arn’t showing up for me


  6. Subtitles aren’t showing up. Is this just me?


    • Nevermind. It didn’t work with KMPlayer for some reason, but the subtitles show up just fine when I use Core Media Player.


  7. as usual thx for the goodwork guys… ^_^

    and yeah 1 prob… nya’s tracker is always down. (it’s been 3 days if you dont know)
    should we moved to another tracker like anirena?

    hates activating DHT xD..


  8. thanks for doing this. I’ve been searching for a Decent group to take this. xD


  9. One second lag/glitch at 3:32 (When Happy is announcing the title of the episode).

    Happy starts to say the name of the episode, it freezes completely for 1 sec, then everything’s fine again.


  10. We already know it. The fancy softsub typesetting it’s too heavy in some machines, even in good machines ^^’. In the end of the eps. it frezzes too in the next eps title.

    But it’s already fixed for the next eps.3.

    Thks for the notification. 😉


  11. are you planning on releasing a v2? fix for the jap characters in boxes and the scene freeze? thanks

    episode 3 is the best no freeze scene \m/


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