Posted by: notomamiko | 23.10.09

Fairy Tail ep 01 V2


Uh version 2? With better video? It seems likely >.> I was told to distro this along with yesterday’s episode 2.



  1. you don’t know the changes? hehe.. maybe just the filename? haha..


  2. when will it be available on the irc bot? oh and episode 2 is still not on the bot list. thanks


  3. Changes? Hum… New encode, chapters included, some changes in typesetting stuff… maybe some others tweaks lol


  4. Oh… and subs are softsub.


  5. ah i see.. hehe, thanks


  6. actually the 1st release is also softsub.. though theres a error on muxing.. i dunno what really happend, but the v2 is more better. hahaha

    anyway thx for the release..


  7. thanx for doing fairy tail, great anime. I want to ask people here a question (well its a question for the encoder).
    as always with anime there are 720p version that are 230mb, others at 280mb and yours at 350mb….

    i DL various versions…i just can’t see a difference on my 720p 32″ HDTV…..

    IS THERE a difference….and why are most encodes for 720p anime around 250mb (french, spanish and various english groups) while rarely its 350mbs ???



  8. Yeah there is difference. In some parts of the anime, it requires a lot of high bitrate, or else the image become unwatchable. So… in order to prevent quality loss. And to correct the many problems the image source have like aliasing, interlace, noise…etc I have made a choice.
    And I have decided to use around 1800 of bitrate… using aprox. 345Mb.
    ‘Cause 345 * 13Eps = 4485Mb… fits perfectly in an DVD5 😉

    PS: Maybe it’s too much I recognize that. 300 maybe was enough, maybe… but the raw source has not allowed, too. So… it is what it is ’cause we want quality, and with speed I could have not time to encode it twice xD. Maybe in some next eps. we will use less mb. But it will depend on the source… Cause encoding a Raw it’s re-encoding. It’s not the same as encoding. Do not forget that.
    And the .ts has 2.4Gbs… so 2400mb to 345 it’s an huge difference xD.

    And if u compare our image with other sub, in the same frame, u will notice the difference 😛

    Best Regards


  9. Can you guys make an DDL for this v2?


  10. @Leinad4Mind

    wow thanx 4 the explanation !!! really really nice of you !! well i do understand perfectly now….sounds good too me…maybe i juste didnt notice the difference; from now on i will DL only your version anyway…i only care about quality….

    one last question 🙂 why are anime RAW’s huge files ???? i mean a 45mn HDTV series is only 1gb. So why is a 25mn 720p HDTV anime sometimes even bigger than a normal show????

    thanx guys !!!


  11. Well, the best Raw u can find is the .ts files, and these files are encoded with lossless video codec (like lagarith). So they aren’t compress, yet. So it’s normal to have more than 2Gbs for 25min. ^^
    And we use x264 to compress the video. If we not grab in time the .ts we encode using an .mp4 raw already encoded in x264. So… if this mp4 have 340mb we can’t compress too much of it. Or else it will have some detail loss. As simple as that ^^.

    PS: You can download the 170MB raw of eps3 of FT and the 340MB raw of eps3 too of FT the two of them by Leopard-Raws, and compare the quality xD.

    Best Regards, and keep folowing us! 😉


  12. 0.0, Yeah we can make an DDL.


  13. @Leinad4Mind
    thanx for this other explanation ! yes i will keep following….don’t rush your releases….people like me will wait….as long as we get good quality 🙂


  14. the translation notes (japanese characters) are all boxes… is there a fix to solve this? thanks… and also are you planning to release a v3 since at the end of the episode the scene lags for about 2 seconds the same goes for episode 2


  15. ^ nope they just fine.

    install East Asian Language btw to resolve the boxes.

    and theres no 2 second delay (maybe youre just running too many programs or your CPU just suck)


  16. Recommend watch your cartoon movie in high def mode on HDTV, the best picture quality.


  17. I recommend watch your cartoon movie in high def mode on HDTV, the best picture quality.


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