Posted by: Kusion | 23.10.09

Urusai! Urusai! Urusai! S 01



This is Kusion. This whole project was my idea. Why? Because Shana is MAI waifu. So back off.

The conversation came up like this:

Kusion: Let’s do Shana S!
Kristen: No.
Kusion: We’ll do it in joint with Mamiko!
Kristen: No.
Kusion: Mamiko’ll provide everything except encode!
Kristen: Um… OK?

Anyways, after weeks of planning this as a secret project, the day has finally come to release the Shakugan no Shana S OVA. This is a joint with Chihiro, and for that, I must thank Kristen for grabbing the RAW, encoding it, and creating a karaoke (although simple :)) for us. Let’s not forget the main staff that worked so hard to please me… I mean, get this out.

Check out Chihiro’s website:

Translator/TLC: TruePscyhe, Crela, Mihiro, JuN-kun
Timing/Typesetting: Kusion
Editing: Nazo

I consider this to be our biggest project, and I personally thank EVERY single person for participating in this. Seriously, without you guys-this wouldn’t be out ;_;

So stick with us for more releases. And to all of you (who are bound to ask), NO. We’re NOT trying to compete with Eclipse.

1080p torrent
720p torrent
480p torrent


  1. Thx a lot!!


  2. So I heard you like tsundere? o_0

    I prefer Kazumi-chan myself anyway. Keep Tsunderella if you want. 😛

    Heh…. I came over to say thanks in return for the new bit of Shana to leech and watch. Much obliged! ^^


  3. thanks a lot for Shakugan no Shana S


  4. Sweetness!!! Thanks ^.^


  5. Great job guys, done in a whopping 12hour span =D


  6. Thank you guys xD
    lol wut Chihiro, lazy bastards … ;p


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