Posted by: notomamiko | 11.11.09

Project Status

Project Status as of 11/11/2009 7:30am (GMT+08:00)

Kimi ni Todoke ep. 05 – Under final QC stages. Maybe released in 12 hours.

AIKa ZERO OVA ep. 2 – Waiting for TLC to finish.

Fairy Tail ep. 04 – Waiting for Timing to finish.

Queen’s Blade BD Special 05 – Yes, we’re still doing this and we might be able to release this within 8 hours. Released.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza – Stalled.


  1. Thanks for the update!

    Do you need help with Haruka, or just more time?


    • We need help, specifically, a dedicated translator.


  2. I hope you keep Haruka up. All other subbers don’t match the quality you bring out.


    • i apologize for the recent delays in projects for which i’m TLing. nogiharu was going to be passed off to another TL, who pulled a vanishing trick on us just as i was getting into a busy period. i’ll try to catch up a bit this week. hopefully the rest of the staff will be able to keep up with the re-increased work load, too.


  3. So.. How come Fairy Tail became so late this time? I would like to help, but unfortunately my Japanese is not fluent enough.


  4. I would like to help also, but Im only a 201 student.

    If you need any help at all with Fairy Tail, let me know.


  5. thanks for your offers to help, everyone. the slowdown was a temporary thing. FT #4 is likely to be released during the week, and #5 will possibly be released over the weekend. thank you for your patience.


  6. Uh.. yea, so.. Us Fairy Tail fans are really eager for the episodes =)
    Any updates?


  7. is there any news from fairy tail anime?
    i always waiting for new anime but still not yet..


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