Posted by: notomamiko | 30.11.09

Queen’s Blade BD Special 06

Surprise! The last episode of Queen’s Blade BD special is out!! This marks our first completed projected (if you don’t count TLR’s first 3 OVAs as complete). Many things have happened recently but we must finish what we have started. It was kinda fun subbing these specials and I’m glad we could finish it. Enjoy the last episode and seed as much as you can.

P.S. AIKa ZERO ep. 2 to be released tomorrow, sorry for the delay 😛



Filehosting(Fast mirror – req mail)

(Go to “Bots” to get IRC download link)


  1. when kimi ni todoke ?

    still wait T_T


    • I don’t want to promise anything but we will try to release ep. 6 this week. Sorry for the delays.



  2. thanks a lot for these QB specials. =)


  3. Would you guys be willing to do the Queen’s Blade S2 BD specials?

    I don’t think any real progress has been made with those by any other group.


    • No, yukachi said he would not 🙂


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