Posted by: notomamiko | December 1, 2009


Don’t worry Yakumo, your sister is alright because she’s the Undertaker! That was one sick Tombstone Piledriver, Tenma sure loves pro wrestling >.> This was delayed because, uh, we waited for a good raw to use and I had to resort to using Share to get a good raw. I also waited for the OST so that we can include a karaoke for this release. And lastly, uh, I guess I was affected by the recent event that rocked our group. Anyway, sorry for the delay but at least it’s out now (and we made sure it looks good and has karaoke). Better late than never =P

We will no longer support this old version of ep. 2, please get it in the Batch.



  2. um is this bdrip? Only asking since its not labeled like in ep1.

    • Yes, this is a BD rip.

      • ok tnx ^_^

    Some more DDLs

    What about the Picture Dramas?
    Will they come?

    • Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, we won’t do the Picture Dramas.

  4. O, thank you very much!

  5. Picture dramas pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Anyone know where I can find the RAW for Picture Drama 2? Oh and how come you’re not doing them Mamiko? If you want I could translate them for you.

    • Did you try looking for it in TokyoTosho? I think I saw Picture Drama 2 by Zero Raws. Also, we’re not doing the picture dramas because of lack of interest. It’s just a bunch of pictures with voice in it >.> If you want to translate the picture dramas for us you could visit our irc channel or email us =)

      • The first picture drama was pretty funny though imo. Well, more ecchi than funny but we’re talking about Aika here😄. I checked TokyoShoto but it seems the torrent is already gone. I’ll probably jump on IRC and talk to you tomorrow😉, gotta hit the sack now.

        • If you can’t contact me(gx9901) in IRC, send me an email (refer to the Recruitment Page for our email.) because I’m not always in our IRC channel.

  7. Looks like 2ep have OP/ED translation =) Will you add it in 1ep as well (v2 or something)? Thanks.

    • Yes, episode 1 is already tweaked to include the OP/ED karaoke and some minor line changes. It will be released along with episodes 2 & 3 as a batch. If you still have the old episode 1, delete that and get the new one in the batch (when we eventually release it). We hope the batch release is worthy enough for archiving purposes.

  8. 2Shared link is dead


    • nvm found another link

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