Posted by: notomamiko | 29.12.09

Kimi ni Todoke 06 Trivia

So yeah, I forgot to post this trivia for episode 6 but I might as well post it after releasing Kimi ni Todoke ep. 7 >.> The picture above is a Japanese lute and this was the musical instrument Houichi the Earless played.

Who is Houichi anyway? Houichi was like really good at playing the Japanese lute. He was a poor and blind man but later on was taken care of by a priest. He lived in the priest’s shrine. One day the priest went on to do some business and haven’t returned to the temple. Some samurai visits the shrine and asks Houichi to play his Japanese lute for his master. Houichi reluctantly follows the samurai to his master’s home. There, he played the Japanese lute and the master was really impressed with his skill so he asked Houichi to visit him every night and he will reward him or something. When the priest returned, he noticed Houichi regularly disappears in the night and so, asked his servants to follow him. It was revealed that Houichi was bewitched and that he was playing in a grave or something. The priest tells Houichi that he is in danger because the ghosts have taken a liking to him. The priest orders his servants to write some magical words on Houichi’s body so that he will become invisible to the ghosts. The servants wrote the magic runes on every part of Houichi’s body except for his ear… Night came and the samurai ghost is looking for Houichi. The ghost calls for Houichi but Houichi didn’t answered. The ghost then notices Houichi’s Japanese lute and sees his ears. The ghost then rips off Houichi’s ears as some sort of proof to show to his master that Houichi disappeared and all was left was his ears. Houichi was thankfully saved and the priest apologized to him because he thought his servants did a complete job. Houichi recovers and all is well except now he is blind and deaf, lol. Just joking on the last part =P

For a more in depth story of Houichi the Earless, read it in here.

Houichi and the samurai ghost. This picture was taken from a play.


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