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Year end and Project status report

Fuuko hijack, lol.

Ahem, disregard Fuuko up there >.>

It’s almost the end of 2009 in here so I figured I’d post a year end report and project status report. Read on.

Year End Report
For those of you who didn’t know, we officially started fansubbing on February 2009.

We started off slow in the first half of the year mainly because it’s just me who’s doing almost every work. Then some people joined and things started to improve in the last half. The pace suddenly quickened during the last quarter with new recruits and a number of new projects but we quickly fizzled out as the year end nears. Strangely, this trend also happened during my academic years D: Anyway, we managed to finish two projects: Queen’s Blade Season 1 BD specials, first three To-LOVE-Ru OVAs and our joint project with SHiN-gx w/c is Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri. Pitiful, I know but subbing anime wasn’t really what I intended for this group >.>

Project Status as of 12/31/2009
So on to the project status… I won’t write it in bullet form so keep reading this wall of text =P First of all, Kimi ni Todoke. Like I said before, we will finish this no matter what happens. Episode 8 is currently 50% translated and we could probably release it next week. Next is AIKa ZERO episode 3, we’re still looking for a good raw to use (I know there’s already a raw for episode 3 but we won’t use that…) This will probably be released in the second week of January, if we could find ourselves a good raw ASAP. Then we have the two titles in limbo… Fairy Tail and Negima. Okay, these two have a pretty bleak future. TruePsyche seems like he’ll never come back and we haven’t found a new translator yet. I’ll give these two titles ’till the end of January before we officially drop them.

Things to look forward to in 2010
We are currently preparing for a batch release of AIKa ZERO Blu-Ray, what we are doing right now is tweaking episode one and two. Episode one didn’t have karaoke so we have inserted that for the batch release. We’re also doing another round of QC for both episodes. Hopefully, our batch release of AIKa ZERO will be good enough for archiving purposes =P Also, we will be releasing something special on our first year anniversary…


  1. Yeah, so I want to TL Negima, but there’s almost nobody on the IRC. So…


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