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Ichigo Mashimaro Drama CD Vol. 2

Well, here it is. Our super surprise special release for our anniversary, Ichigo Mashimaro Drama CD Vol. 2!!! Yeah, I know it’s not complete… we only released chapter 1 and 2 but rest assured we will release the rest >.> I’ve always wanted to do a drama CD but distractions got the better of me but I managed to convince myself to do this for our anniversary. With that said, happy first year anniversary to us! We’re still alive after one year!!! XD

So why did we released volume two instead of one? Because volume 2 is my favorite, that’s why! It’s the funniest out of all the drama CDs, trust me. So, are we gonna release the other volumes? Maybe… if we finished all of our anime backlog and there’s nothing else to do then we’ll release them πŸ˜›

Of course, this is our first drama CD release so please bear with us. We tried to make this a decent release despite the time allocated to it was short >.> I really suck at deadlines… Anyway, we color coded the subs so that you can easily tell who’s talking since there is just one picture in the video and I’m sure you might get confused as to who’s talking. So Ana Coppola is yellow, Matsuri Sakuragi is gray, Chika Itou is blue, Miu Matsuoka is brown, Nobue Itou is green and groups are pink. Uh, what else? This is a softsub release coz we didn’t have time to hardsub this. I know it’s kinda pointless to use softsubs on this πŸ˜›

There maybe some terms some of you peeps might not be familiar with like the straight man(tsukkomi) or funny man(boke), just wiki about “manzai comedy” if you don’t know them.Β  “Momo” is peach in Japanese, hence why the old couple named the baby who came out from the giant peach “Momotarou”. Lastly, the animal sound fx the girls make in chapter 2 are: “woof” is obviously for a dog while “cluck” is for the pheasant and “ki/ukki” is for the monkey FYI.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t watched Ichigo Mashimaro, watch it first before watching this as you need to familiarize yourself with the characters.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 1: 2Shared
Chapter 2: 2Shared



  1. Thanks for the release. Will you be doing the 5th To Love Ru OVA next?


    • Yes, we will do TLR OVA 5 next after we finish the 5 remaining chapters of the drama CD.


      • Awesome, keep up the good work :3


  2. Such an awesome and unusual release. Hope to see more drama CDs out in the future. Thanks for the release


  3. more kimi no todoke , , ,

    still waiting 4 you guys @,@


    • We’ll try to release Kimi ni Todoke ep. 09 as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience and loyalty.



  4. Great stuff, looking forward to the rest.


  5. Thank you!
    Drama CDs were always a blindspot as far as translations go, it’s nice to see groups like you who haven’t forgotten their existence! There’s a lot of great stuff on many drama CDs, it’s a pity so little gets translated.


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