Posted by: notomamiko | February 12, 2010


Yes, you didn’t make a mistake… This is the AIKa ZERO batch.  Those random people in the pic are the cast :3

As promised, here is the batch for AIKa ZERO, we made sure to make it better than our previous releases so that it’s archive worthy. All episodes were redone to ensure consistency and correct any mistakes we’ve made on our previous releases. I think the video quality is good so we didn’t touched that. This batch contains episodes 1-3 only, it does not have the picture dramas, sorry. What else? All episodes are softsubbed and in 720p resolution. For those who have problems with playing our releases, don’t worry, we got ourselves a new encoder and he will be doing a hardsub version of our batch, just wait for it.

And so, we are now officially over with AIKa ZERO. I don’t think we will sub the picture dramas in the future unless someone offers to translate it for us (very unlikely). Even though we have encountered some difficulties with this, I pretty much enjoyed subbing this. Anyway, enjoy the batch release and seed as much as you can.

Nyaatorrent: [720p] Batch
Bakabt: [720p] Batch

Episode 1: 2Shared
Episode 1: FileHosting(Fast mirror – req mail)
Episode 2: 2Shared
Episode 2: FileHosting(Fast mirror – req mail)
Episode 3: 2Shared
Episode 3: FileHosting(Fast mirror – req mail)


  1. Thanks for batch!
    And SD is preferred than hardsub. Now I’m searching for AIKa DVD to remux with your translate – can’t watch HD or BD…

  2. Are you gonna do To-Love-Ru Ova 05?

    • Yes, after Ichigo Mashimaro Drama CD😉

      • that’s good to know.

  3. thx for these lovely releases…

    • Thanks you for watching it🙂

  4. you’re Aika Zero 720’s are on the offered list on Bakabt.
    if and when it get’s accepted (there’s not any reason not to)
    maybe you should put a link of it here😀
    so if someone asks for seeds they can go there.

    • It is allready linked to the torrent on Nyaatorrent, its no need for more. (huh, ok gx decide ^^)

      (all dll links added)

    • @Gaarara: That’s a good idea. I’m kinda busy these days so I can’t check out if our release is accepted in Bakabt so I’d like someone else to inform us of the status. We’ll then put up the link if it gets accepted >.>

  5. Patch please.

    • Patch for what?

      • Patch for converting old mkv to current mkv

  6. You have to love that Koshimizu Ami (Aika’s seiyuu in this series) is now doing the clumsy well oppaied green haired maid, Shikikagami Sanae in Ladies x Butlers. Two completely different types of roles. . .

  7. Please to To Love-Ru OVA 5 if you can, ><

    • We will sub TLR OVA 5 as soon as we finish the Ichigo Mashimaro Drama CD. Best case scenario, we can release it on the first week of March.

      • Okay, thank you!

  8. The bbt Batch is up😀
    people who want more seeds go there instead of asking for it to be seeded.

    • Awesome😀 Thanks for the news.

  9. I should be thanking you😀
    So Thank You😀
    And I hope you do the next Aika if and when it comes out.😀
    And To Love Ru Too😀

  10. is this BD Rip??

    • Yes.

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