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Ichigo Mashimaro Drama CD Vol. 2 Chapter 4 Trivia

The Japanese title is called “Ryuu Tama” and it literally translates to “Dragon Ball”. We changed it to “Dragon Orb” so that you guys would be surprised to hear references to Dragon Ball >.>

In case you didn’t know, the whole chapter is based on the Chinese novel called “Journey to the West” which Dragon Ball was also more or less based on. For more info:

Moe Ball – for those who didn’t watch DBZ. Son Goku has a move called “Genki Dama” or “Spirit Ball” which gathers “Ki” or “life force” and turns it into a ball. Miu’s version gets from various sources such as love, friendship, etc.

Gandhara – is apparently the name of the ED song of the live action “Saiyuki” or Journey to the West. For more info: Listen to the song here:

Tenjiku – is an old term referring to the country of India.  “Indo” is now used to refer to India in Japan. That’s why Miu asked “What’s an ‘India’?” because she didn’t know “tenjiku” was used to refer to India in the old times.


  1. Guys…the Negima 02 TL has been done for days now. I can’t get a hold of you. Where do I send it?


  2. Never mind….I forgot I sent it my e-mail last week


  3. =o Shakugan no Shana S eps 2 where ?


    • ^ In due time. We only have one translator and he’s busy translating a lot of stuff >.>


  4. sorry i need my Shana fix ;-; waiting this long for another eps was terrible enough as is -deathbyabsentloli-


    • Update: Shana S OVA 2 is now undergoing TLC.


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