Posted by: notomamiko | March 12, 2010

Mahou Sensei Negima! Mou Hitotsu no Sekai OAD 02

Innuendo FTW!

First of all, we would like to thank DmonHiroX for translating this for us. Without him, we would have dropped Negima already >.> Episode 2 was awesome; badass Chachamaru, the innuendos and the electric faeries made this a surprisingly entertaining episode.

Anyway, we apologize to our TLR fans for the massive delay of OVA 5. We had a problem with our timer but that is taken care of now and hopefully we can release OVA 5 soon.

Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~ OAD 02

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  1. OVA 5? OVA 5 of what?

    • OVA 5 of To Love Ru.

      • “TLR fans for the massive delay of OVA 5.”
        TLR = To Love-Ru🙂
        Download links added

        – Sorry for a big bot update delay, please be patient. It will be updated at once when the problem is fixed.

  2. Thanks a lot for this cooooooooooooooooooool release.

  3. Is it ok if i post these on youtube if i give the proper cedit to you the subbers and to shaft and any others? im sure many others would be DYING to see these!

    • Sure, you can post this on youtube.

  4. @Youtuber: Send what? The subs? You can rip them from the video with Aegisub.

    • thanks, un fortunatly youtbue mademe remove it…. looks like im not allowed.

  5. Hai desu sorry i am late can i have an AVI link please???

  6. onegai? I am begging you….I am soooo sorry my stupid sister deleted some files so i lost OAD 1 that you guys had encoded fr me and I can’t use torrent =_=

  7. Hi Negi. If you are requesting for a repost of ep. 1 AVI, forward it to:

  8. Hai desu thank youz I will download it at home lol is there also an episode 2????

  9. Like as in a episode 2 avi release? Desu DDL?

    • There is no ep. 2 AVI.

  10. Oh and I have ep one now but ep 2 DDL AVI

  11. Oh…. =_= So there’s no way I can watch it then I guess? :(( well ok. Thanks mamiko anyway…

    • Maybe we can make an AVI release in the future. As of now, we don’t have an encoder to do that.

      • Oh ok thank you desu!

  12. Episode 3 please? Torrent is on Nyaa.

    • We’re waiting for DmonHiro to translate ep. 3 for us.

      • …WHAT EPISODE 3? When the hell did that air? How come I don’t know about it?

        • Sorry about that, I thought you knew the release date of ep. 3 >.> Anyway, you can find it in here: or search in tokyotosho.

          • ummm will there be an AVI for ep 3?

  13. @Negi: If we’re the first to release ep. 3, then there’s a good chance that some dude will encode an avi version and release it. If we’re not the first, then it’s very unlikely we could release an avi version on our own.

  14. can we have a new avi ddl for ep 1, since the old one here:
    is broken

    • Ask in that link, we are not affiliated with animesenshi. Sorry.

  15. guys it came out😛 Just search for it on the site and the episode is there

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