Posted by: notomamiko | March 25, 2010


Saten (left) and Uiharu (right) lol

Let me get this straight… Saten becomes a tsundere and Uiharu becomes seductive? I’m okay with this. Okay, voice actor joke’s over >.> Sorry for the massive delay. Seriously, bad luck was on our side. This should have been out way earlier but due to circumstances we cannot control, this got delayed so much. Well, at least we managed to get this one out before the next OVA is released =P Speaking of the next OVA, it’s gonna be out soon. Rest assured we will sub the last one, I want to add TLR to our list of completed projects =) Oh and if you’re wondering who are Nana and Momo’s voice actors, they are Kanae Itou and Aki Toyosaki respectively.



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  1. Thanks!
    Looking forward to the last one.

  2. Thanks!

  3. hope kimi no todoke will follow @,@

    • Soon, Mii chan… Very soon…

  4. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but at least at 17:42 and a little afterwards some of the comments weren’t commented out correct and show the romaji after the translated dialog.

    • Really? That’s strange, all TL comments were commented out properly. I just watched 17:42 and onwards and didn’t saw any TL comments. What player are you using to watch it? >.>

      • WM11 with newest CCCP.

        Here’s a screenshot:

        • Try using Media Player Classic Homecinema (included with CCCP) to watch it.

  5. How soon is the final one coming out? Has a specific release date been announced yet?

  6. any new project in spring 2010 ?

    • Watch out for a big announcement next week🙂

  7. Can you translate the Yu Yu Hakusho – Picture Drama?
    Thank you.

    • It’s just one picture drama, right? And no group is planning to sub this? We need the raw to be uploaded on megaupload/mediafire coz the torrent is dead >.>

  8. Mamiko Noto is a seiyuu in Yu Yu Hakusho Picture Drama?

    • Nope, she isn’t. Why are you asking? =P

      • I remember you saying you would only do drama CD’s that had Mamiko in it~

        There is one I would really like to see done, it’s based off the manga called Tsukiyo no Fromage.

        • Technically, the Yu Yu Hakusho Picture Drama is not a Drama CD so my statement is clearly not applicable =P A Drama CD is just an audio CD that you can listen to. A Picture Drama is a video composed of still pictures with music, SFX and dialog.

          As a reminder, I am open to suggestions on what Drama CD I’ll translate as long as Mamiko Noto is in it. That’s just to make your suggestion more likely to be approved compared to just suggesting random Drama CDs with random VAs.

          I really wish we can translate any Drama CDs but seeing as I’m the only TL in here and that I have plenty of stuff to finish…

  9. There’s not enough seeds for this episode and the DDL links aren’t working either? Is there another link for DDL or trackers to get more seeds?

    • I think there are enough seeds for this episode (including me). It’s kinda slow but it certainly has more seeds than episode 2…

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