Posted by: notomamiko | 18.04.10

Kimi ni Todoke 11

What’s that? I look like a certain someone?


Episode 11 out!!! That was kinda fast =D Like I mentioned before, we’re very serious in finishing this series. Now that another OVA (Shakugan no Shana S) is off our backs, we’re optimistic that we could finish this by the end of this season. BTW, our editor for this series will be out for several days this week so expect the next release sometime next week. As for TLR OVA 6, it is now undergoing typesetting, hopefully we can release it this week >.>

Oh and be sure to check out this episode’s trivia.

Edit: We are desperately in need of a TL/TLC for the next Shakugan no Shana S OVA. Contact us at or go to our Recruitment page for our contact details.

Episode 11


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