Posted by: notomamiko | 21.04.10

To Love-Ru OVA 06

Finally! Our long journey with TLR OVA ends today, it was tough but fun. I’d like to thank all the guys involved in this project, from the first OVA to the last. You guys rock! This wouldn’t be possible without all of you :3

I’d also like to apologize for the not so good video quality, we don’t have an encoder so we couldn’t make a good quality video >.> If any of you guys are unsatisfied with our video, you can always rip our subs and mux it with your preferred raw. Will we do a batch release? Yes, but don’t expect it to be released this week. And that takes care of another project. Everything is going well with KimiTodo, I’m confident we could release another 2 episodes next week when our editor comes back.

That’s about everything, I guess… Oh, wait! Due to circumstances we cannot control, we are in need of a TL or TLC for the next Shakugan no Shana S OVA. If you decide to join us, no pressure will be given to you. You work at your own pace and time, we will wait for you. How’s that for an offer? 🙂 Interested peeps can contact us at our channel; or go to our Recruitment page for our other contact details. Other positions are also available.


OVA 06

FileHosting(Fast mirror – req mail)


  1. Yey Finished Project , , ,

    and two episode kimi next week , , ,

    now i’m on fireeee >,<


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