Posted by: yukachi | 25.04.10

Yu Yu Hakusho Picture Drama

Nostalgia Bomb!!!

Oh, what’s this? Mamiko subbing something totally random? Why yes, you are correct! I’m happy to present to you the Yu Yu Hakusho Picture Drama sub. We were asked to sub this and I thought, why not? =P Actually, I was a huge fan of YYH. It was one of my favorite anime in the 90’s and nostalgia told me to do it D:

Do note we took some liberty to change some lines (particularly the part where the boys try to make Hiei utter random words) to better fit and capture the feel of the original dialog instead of translating them literally.

BTW, we know the video quality is not good because we just ripped it from youtube. The torrent for the raw was dead and we couldn’t find the raw anywhere else so we had no choice but to use a youtube rip.

Well, that takes care of this quick project. I don’t think there are any other picture drama’s for YYH, so I’m gonna add this one to our completed project list >.>

Yu Yu Hakusho Picture Drama



  1. OH HOLY–!!! Thank you very much! You guys are awesome for doing this! [insert more exclamation marks here !!!] šŸ™‚


  2. Thanks!

    Also, I still have the “[QTS] Yu Yu Hakusho Blu-ray Box.1 Eizou Tokuten – Picture Drama (BD H264 1280×720 30fps AC3).mkv” raw on my hard disk, so I uploaded it to MediaFire for you:

    It looks a bit better than your YouTube rip, but not that much. Oh, and to be honest, I’m disappointed with this PD, I tought it would be something more canon.. for example it could’ve shown what happened with the characters after the end of the series.


    • Wow! Thanks for the raw, viral. We were looking for that all over the internet, lol.


  3. You people are GOD! Thank you SO MUCH! 8-D


  4. arigatou gozaimasu!!! you are great!!


  5. *GASP*
    Can I totally use your subs to base a script and Fandub this?!?! Of course I’d credit you for the translation, either as Mamiko or Yukachi, whatever you prefer.
    I totally love YYH and enjoyed this. I thought your translation was very applicable :3


    • Sure, you can use our script šŸ™‚


      • It’s done! :3
        Thanks again for the raw and the translation!


  6. Thank you! šŸ˜€


  7. I have a Blu-Ray 720p of it with just JP audio – no subs – could you either post up the subs separate or I could up the good rip and send it to you if you would like. Lemme know


  8. Haha never mind – just realized someone already upped it a long time ago.


  9. the megaupload link is dead.. šŸ˜¦


    • Sorry can’t re-upload that now.


  10. Thank you soo much! Man, its been a very long time since I had my YYH fix… my childhood all over again.
    Is it possible to re-seed this torrent?


    • I’m seeding it almost every day, say 9-24 CET.


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