Posted by: notomamiko | May 21, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke 19

Another back-to-back release for this week :3 6 more to go!!!

Oh yeah, we’re waiting for DmonHiro before we could start working on Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~ OVA ep. 3. Please bear with us >.>

Episode 19

FileHosting(Fast mirror – req mail)


  1. thanks for episode 19.
    Could I ask for DDLs for episodes 1 through 4 since bots is not working?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Our distro is out for a couple of days. Wait a little bit for the DDLs.

    • I’m reseeding the torrents for 1-4, if you want them that way.

    • bah – a whole lot of work – but i will do it – today but later😛

  2. Thanks everyone. I’ve just finished downloading all 4 of them; so thank you very much for reseeding them.

  3. I had no freaking idea Negima 03 even came out. Give a guy a heads up will ya?

    • Sorry about that, I was going to ask you about Negima but I thought you knew ep. 3 was out already and I was busy with Kimi ni Todoke >.>

      • Don’t worry about it. I got the raw, and I’ll TL it the next few days. I’s a really good episode, better then the last. Nagi VS Kagatarou.

        • Thanks man, we’re looking forward to releasing this. Episode 3 is the best episode so far for this OVA.

          • Hell yeah it is! I’ll have the TL in by the end of Sunday. Just…I kind of forgot where I’m supposed to send it.

  4. @DmonHiro: You can send it to

  5. accually i tried contacting you😛 (DmonHiro)
    but couldnt get a lock on your nick on IRC

  6. Yeah, net’s been acting funky lately. I just sent the scripts through e-mail.

    • Got it, thanks!

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