Posted by: notomamiko | 30.05.10

Kimi ni Todoke OP-ED

And here it is, Kimi ni Todoke’s OP and ED karaoke! This was long overdue for a release although it’s not like anyone is expecting it at this point >.> This should have been released around the time we released episode 13 but then I forgot all about it…

You may be wondering why it took us this long to release it. I want this karaoke to be at least decent so I made sure the lyrics make sense while still keeping it close to the original meaning, selected a nice raw to work with and asked help from those who know how to make a karaoke. We made this a separate file instead of inserting it on every episode. Why? Because I believe these things should be separated. If you want to karaoke use the karaoke files, if you want to watch the episodes watch our regular releases.

Also, for those who are wondering what the specs of the karaoke are…

Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280×720 23.98fps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo

Credits are intact (this was taken from the TV release) and this is hardsubbed.

Special thanks to our buddies from SHiN-gx who helped us made this, namely; SHiN and Hiromi. You guys rock! 😛

Kimi ni Todoke OP/ED


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