Posted by: notomamiko | June 9, 2010

Mahou Sensei Negima ~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~ OAD 03

Kukuku. Negi’s gonna learn Maid Guy techniques!

It’s out now! Mahou Sensei Negima ~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~ OAD 03!!! Many thanks to DmonHiro for translating this for us. For those who are confused at the above pic, two words; Rikiya Koyama. He voiced both Kogarashi and Jack Rakan. Oh wow, does this guy always voice invincible badasses? Anyway, enjoy this late release and seed as much as you can >.>

Oh yeah, here’s the translation of the power level chart:

3000 Mysterious Boy
2800 Demon God soldier (during war)
2000 Takamachi (may not be full power)
1500 Aegis Battleship
700 Kagetarou
650 Dragon species (non-magical)
500 Negi
High Ranking Mages
300 Magic Knights (average)
Mahora Magic Teachers (average)
200 Tank
100 Magic School graduate
3-50 Old world masters (non-ki users)
2 Mage (average magic world citizen)
1 Chisame
0 Cat

Mou Hitotsu no Sekai 03

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  1. Nice. I’d be awesome if you also subbed Quiz Magic Academy OVA 2 =]

    • We’ll think about it.

      • don’t bother to sub that, it’s not worth the time… I bought the DVD just a few weeks ago and thought it’d be good but it sucked real bad…

  2. Thanks for subbing this.

    One problem: it looks like you forgot to set the AR in mkvmerge. According to mkvinfo, the display and source resolutions are both 720×480. This is making the video display with square pixels (1:1 PAR) instead of wide pixels (1.185:1 PAR). Not a big problem though. I just set the AR in my player manually.

    • You’re right, we forgot. Tehe~😛

  3. Is there an avi release anywhere? I found oad 2 avi now three is out….

    • No there is no avi release but would you settle for a slightly smaller (filesize) hardsubbed mp4?

      • Yes I would like tht xD mp4 is ok! You see I convert this series for my iPod touch since I can’t use the comp much I also can’t use the windows computer sorry for the late reply desu. Umm as long as the mp4 is HQ and such I’m fine~ do you have OAD 2 like that as well?

        • Alright then, we’ll make an mp4 version for ep. 2 & 3. Just wait for it.

          • arigatou~

  4. Desu I am on here more frequently now so just email me or notify me when the OAD are done!

    • Ok, we’ll notify you when we’re done. Please be patient, we’ll try to make those mp4s soon.

      • Yayy thanks so much you guys r teh best

        • Please check your email…

          • Thanks so much~ Will I be able to contact you at that email? I have some great suggestions for an anime and I wanna just be able to talk you know? Lol

  5. ^ Sure.

  6. dose any one know when the fourth episode will be released ? and ive seen the first season , do these eps folow on from the first season, or is it from an arc from the manga. ive been googling and trying to find out about ep4 but i cant find anything

    • 4th episode will be released on August 17.


      As for the first season, the OADs are not related to it. The OADs follow the manga strictly.

  7. thnx 4 the info yukachi ^-^

  8. Hi, are you guys gonna sub episode 4 anytime soon? it came like 2 weeks ago, RAWS and everything on nyaa.

    • We are currently waiting for DmonHiro to submit his script to us.

  9. good stuff hope it happens soon, i downloaded :
    [Toss] Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~ OAD 04 [DVD 1280×720 x264 AC3].mkv – but it didnt have subs :O so ill be eagerly waiting ur realease whenever it may be +D

  10. Any UPDATES or an ETA of when the fourth OAD will be ready, and also will this be the last OAD or will there be more!

    • We don’t have an ETA and Negima is currently stalled because we are still waiting for the TL to submit the script.

  11. ok thanku

  12. @ ZiegZeon going by the current paste and no aloted ETA i would suggest you STFU and wait ……………………….. probably about 3 months i rekon it’l take them!

    I called it here!

  13. why is the resolution not 16:9???

    • Because we don’t have an encoder.

  14. The translation of the chart has the bottom line (“cat”) wrong. The strength of a cat is supposed to be “0.5”, not “0”.
    Which is the source of that joke (in the manga, not sure if it’s also in the anime) about Negi (whose power is 500) being overpowered by 1001 cats.

    • Isn’t it a little bit unfair stating our translation is wrong when… I’m guessing you haven’t seen the OVA yet? There was no joke about cats overpowering Negi in the OVA as far as I remember so the 0.5 strength joke would fly over the heads of those who didn’t read the manga >.> Of course, my memory is fuzzy and I don’t have the OVA with me to check if we were wrong <.<

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