Posted by: notomamiko | 27.06.10

Kimi ni Todoke Batch

Well, here it is. Mamiko’s Kimi ni Todoke Batch D: If you’re gonna archive our releases, get this one >.> We have tweaked ALL the episodes, it’s quite better than our previous releases πŸ™‚ Tweaks are; every episode has chapters, a uniform typesetting and some dialogue changes to some episodes (not critical to the plot, just rephrases and general grammar/spelling corrections). I’m proud to say this is our best work yet >.> No really, we have put so much effort and care to this series because we love it and Sawako deserves this much care πŸ˜› Also, this is our first completed series and our first 20+ episode series too. It took a lot from us but we’re happy to have completed this. Anyway, we’re officially finished with Kimi ni Todoke. It was a fun ride but everything has to end. Again, good job to the guys who worked on this series. You know who you are πŸ˜€

As for those people who are curious about our other projects… Shakugan no Shana S OVA 03 is undergoing TLC. Don’t worry Shana fans, we haven’t forgotten about this πŸ˜›



  1. Thanks. I already gt Eclipse. But since u guys put so much effort. I’m downloading urs as well. Good work.


  2. Good effort and great work, Team Mamiko! Thank you very much~ =D

    Looking forward to your Shana-tan releases from SoSS OVA 2 and 3 πŸ˜‰


  3. Thank you for your sub!


  4. Will you do season two in January too? =]


    • We are pondering about that right now, we will announce (way) later if we are going to do season 2 or not.


  5. Is this torrent still alive?? i’ve been waiting for days but no ones seeding


    • The torrent is currently dead. I will try and see if we can reseed this…


      • oh ok tnx a lot for a reply . .
        btw i only lack episodes 23 24 and 25 at the moment thats where i got stuck for days to be precise


        • OK, I’m gonna seed for a few days, daytime CET. I have a heavy UL.


          • Tnx a lot finished downloading and watching it πŸ˜€


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