Posted by: Kusion | 12.07.10

Shana >>> Kazumi 03!

It truly is a pain to converse with a human, huh, Shana?

Here’s our third release of the series. One more to go.

Big props to Moshiburner from Chihiro for helping with the TLC.
(of course big props all around! Thanks to Kristen for the encode and to the Mamiko team for doing what they do)

Visit our buddies over at and/or


1080p torrent
720p torrent
480p torrent


  1. Been waiting for this. Thanks.


  2. Thanks for subbing this great anime series. Could you all also sub Shakugan no Shanatan Tri~ (3rd Shanatan for OVA series)? Thank you very much.


    • We’ll get started on them.


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