Posted by: yukachi | 13.08.10


For those people who are wondering if we are going to sub the Queen’s Blade OVA, no, we are not going to sub it. Reason is… the TL has lost “it”; “It”, being his love for a certain voice actor in Queen’s Blade. Well, actually, he still likes her but there’s this new voice actor that captured his heart completely and became his favorite VA ever. Anyway, that’s it for our announcement, I hope people don’t hate us for this >.>


  1. Aya was that important to him? so sad…


    • No, Aya Hirano was not his favorite >.>


  2. Will you guys be doing negima desu wa? The release of OAD 4 was yesterday I think???


    • Sorry for the late reply… Yes, we will be doing the 4th episode of Negima Mou Hitotsu no Sekai. We are currently looking for a good raw since the ones available are either low quality or upscales and we are waiting for the script to be submitted by DmonHiro.


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