Posted by: yukachi | 07.09.10

Tamayura OVA 01 Early Broadcast [720p]

You will never get this joke unless you’re a hardcore fan of Kana Asumi or Yuka Iguchi =P

Wow! A super speed release of Tamayura OVA episode 1 early broadcast! I’ve been waiting for this OVA to come out and we wanted to be the first group to release this. And because we want this to be released as fast as we can, there is no OP or ED karaoke and we used a decent (or bad, depending on your standards) raw for this version. All of this will be fixed once the DVD/Blu-Rays of episode 1 come out which will be on 11/26/2010. We’ll also polish the script if there is a need to but I think we did a good job >.>

Episode 1 Early Broadcast



  1. By the way, I assume that we hand out free flight tickets to all that recognize the song in the OP (without cheating)… 🙂


  2. Oh, that’s not what I meant.

    The OP is straight-off borrowed from one of the nicest anime ever made, and probably one of the best known, but which one? 🙂


    • Whoops, I was thinking of something else. てへぺろ(・ω<)


    • Kiki’s Delivery Service?


      • Correcto.


  3. fuck yeah, thanks mate


  4. thanks! XD but what about .avi???


    • Get our BD batch release, it has an .avi version.


      • ok! thanks again! XD


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