Posted by: yukachi | September 8, 2010

Mayoi Neko Overrun Drama CD Batch

Wait what? Batch already? What happened to chapter 11-13? Yes, we finished chapter 11-13 and it’s included in the batch. Also, we edited chapter 6 because we found one spelling error. Anyway, we’re very happy to finish our second Drama CD and expect us to continue subbing Drama CDs =D

Mayoi Neko Overrun Batch



  1. well well, i think ya’ll should look into Mirai Nikki, the “Pilot” was released Sept.9th 2010 along with the v.11 manga.
    Cheers ~

    • Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll take a look at it.

  2. Thanks for all the hard work and you did a good job with the web site update! BTW do you plan on subbing Shana S ep. 4 since the raws are out?

    • Yes, we are going to sub Shana S ep. 4.

  3. Hey, since you did the drama CDs, are you interested in doing the Neko BluRay Specials?
    I will do the timing for all of em if you want.
    I would do everything by myself but i don’t know Japanese. They are short and there is not a lot of lines so it wont take much of your time.

    • We’ll think about it. Give us a week to decide.

      • So any progress on the decision for the specials?

        • OK, we’ll translate the specials but please don’t credit Mamiko or any of our members. If you must credit someone then use the name “Tocchigi”. Also, we will only translate the specials that are currently out. Any specials released in the future, you will have to find another TL for them.

          Scripts will be ready in 2-3 days. Thanks.

          • Great! Thank You very much.

  4. @Dami: Here are the scripts. The password for the RAR file is your email address.

    • Got them, Thanks!

  5. I finished everything, do you want them too or i can just release them on my own?

    • Release it on your own. Don’t forget to credit “Tocchigi” and not Mamiko or it’s members.

      • kk, got it and thanks again for the TLs. I can do some timing or something in return if you want, just msg me on that email when you are shorthanded.

        • All right, we’ll contact you if we need your help.

  6. Thanks for the Drama CD~ it was a really entertaining watch. And another big thanks for being one of the few groups that translates Drama CDs.

    Btw, if you still haven’t decided on which CD you’ll translate next I’d like to suggest the Seitokai no Ichizon Character Fan Discs drama tracks. After listening to them a couple of times I can tell that they are fairly simple to understand, considering I got most of them with a really basic japanese vocabulary.
    Each of the 5 discs comes with a drama story divided in 5 parts, a interview with the main character and a epilogue/preview for the next CD (aside from 3 character songs, but those don’t need a translation imo). The stories are varied and really fun to listen, filled with gags and references to other animes (Lupin 3rd, Slayers, Gaogaigar, Gundam, Hokuto no Ken, etc).
    I know requesting a series of discs like this is a bit too much with your current projects but at least think of it as an option, I believe you won’t be disappointed with them.
    Thanks for your time and sorry for the large comment, haha.

    • Thanks for the suggestion and comments (no matter how long/short) are always welcomed in here.

      Actually, we are already working on a (pseudo) Drama CD. However, we will look into one of those Character Fan Discs and see if we could work on it after we finish with the (pseudo) Drama CD.

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