Posted by: yukachi | 06.10.10

Tamayura OVA 02 TV Broadcast

OMG!!! Episode 2 is so moe! I’m gonna die!

Death by moe

Mamiko is happy to present to you, Tamayura episode 2 TV broadcast version!! This one caught us by surprise but we still managed to sub this as quickly as we can. Like episode 1, this will not have the translated OP/ED and the raw we used is not up to standards. All of these will be fixed in the DVD/Bluray version, plus we’ll polish the script some more. Mad props to CP for the awesome edit and for staying up late even though he has work the next day 🙂

Enjoy this awesome release and please seed as long as you can.

Tamayura episode 02 TV Broadcast version

Fileserve (thx to Rilkar)


  1. Here’s a DDL link:


  2. any chance you’ll do an xvid version?…


  3. Thanks a lot! I really like this anime! 🙂


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