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Tamayura Trivia and Notes

From left to right: Ayachi (Fu), Kanachi (Kaoru), Chigibu (Maon) and Yukachi (Norie)

I wanted to make a trivia and notes about Tamayura ever since episode 1 but work and a lot of distractions have been keeping me from doing it until now. I’m gonna lump every trivia and notes for all episodes in this post for convenience. I’m also planning on making a text file version of this post. It will be included in the batch torrent (Bluray version, we’re not going to make a batch for the TV broadcast version) of Tamayura.


Episode 1

  • Some people might know this already but the OP of Tamayura is Sakamoto Maaya’s version of the Kiki’s Delivery Service ED.
  • Another thing some people might know already, Fu’s camera is a Rolei 35S.
  • The name of the city the OVA takes place is Takehara, located somewhere in Hiroshima.
  • The food that the 4 girls ate at Hoboro is an Okonomiyaki. It’s a Japanese Pancake with various ingredients like meat, vegetables, egg, or seafood. It literally means grilled-with-anything-you-like, that’s why the ingredients tend to be different in various regions. Watch this video for a little more in depth information >.>
  • Ever wondered what dialect the Hoboro lady was speaking? She spoke in Hiroshima-ben or Hiroshima dialect.

Episode 2

  • The name of the Sawatari family’s cafe is Cafe Tamayura.
  • Kaoru mentioned the name “Yanagi”, it’s a kind of tea made from leaves that look like willow leaves. For more information, visit here.
  • Shihomi’s camera is a Nikon D700 Digital SLR Camera.
  • The strange flute-like thingy Maon was playing at around 18:00 is an Ocarina.

Episode 3

  • The insert song’s name is Naisho no Hanashi, it’s included in Nakajima Megumi’s Tamayura ED single.
  • Sayomi’s camera is a Canon Powershot D10.

Episode 4

  • On 10:17 the 2 girls are carrying something familiar… If you have watched Kimi ni Todoke, they are carrying an Ojizou-san. If you haven’t watched Kimi ni Todoke then an Ojizou-san is a small stone statue commonly said to watch over children.
  • The Insert & ED song’s name is Natsudori, it’s included in Nakajima Megumi’s Tamayura ED single.

TL Notes

Episode 1

  • I’m sure some people are wondering why we spelled the MC’s name as “Fu” instead of “Fuu”. That’s because we’re just following the spelling in the official website.
  • The misspellings during the scene where the girls are eating Okonomiyaki are intentional since they were talking while eating pipping hot food.

Episode 2

  • What is “uki”? It’s the sound monkeys make according to Japan.  “Uki” is to monkeys as “meow” is to cats.

Episode 3

Episode 4

  • Fu-chan saying “We’re going naow.” was intentional, she was nervous and stumbling on her words.


  1. The BDs should’ve been out already


    • Yes, but our Raw Hunter has not yet found a good raw.


  2. Even after it’s “explained” in ep 4, I’d still like to know more about what “potte” means. Meaningless sound effect, or what?


    • AFAIK “potte” doesn’t mean anything.


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