Posted by: yukachi | 02.12.10

Tamayura OVA BD 01

Finally! The BD version is out!!!

Sorry for the long wait. We’ve encountered various problems while we were working on this which delayed us.  Rest assured this release is going to be a quality one to compensate for the delay. I can pretty much guarantee this tops AIKa ZERO OVA as our best OVA yet. So what’s new with our BD version? Aside from better video quality, the OP & ED are now translated, improved script, typesetting, and timing.

BTW, BD 01 contains episodes 1 & 2 with a really cute eyecatch in the middle. We have also decided to reach out to more people by releasing a 1080p and XviD version. We love this series so much, we would like to share this to as many people as possible.

Be sure to check out our Tamayura Trivia and Notes post, it contains lots of interesting stuff.

1080p contains a character commentary track. For those who want to listen to the characters commenting, switch to track 2.

Enjoy BD 01 and seed as much as you can!

Please get BD 01 from our official batch release as this version is outdated. We will no longer seed this and we will remove the DDLs for this version.

For those who got the old version and do not want to download v2 then here are the patches:
BD01 1080p Patch
BD01 720p Patch


  1. thank you so much!! i love tamayura so much too ❤


  2. i’ll wait for awesome 1080p 😀

    thanks Mamiko 🙂


    • the 1080p can be downloaded from that link, ussually with high speed. The nicest will be if you do that, then help us seed when the torrent is out 🙂


      • i hope that i can do it, actually…. but sorry, my internet is suck. 512 kbps can’t be help ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌. suck same as upload. so i will be a faithfull leecher 😀

        btw…this is my thanks for ur release. i appreciate that 🙂


  3. Thanks a lot for this, great work on the 720p.

    Does the source warrant 1080p, or should I just archive the 720p instead?
    Not a fan of upscales.


    • We used a BD-based RAW which was 1080, I assume that the Bluray had 1080 to start with.
      Our 720 is a downscale.

      And you get the commentary (untranslated) in the 1080 😀


    • As far as our 1080p source is concerned, we didn’t upscale it. Like CP said, the 720p version is a downscale.


  4. Thanks for this


  5. A cute and relaxing show indeed. Thanks for your release!


    • We seriously appreciate your appreciation and feedback 😀


  6. Thanks for a great release can’t wait to get the rest on BD to. ^^


  7. Volume 2 on BD is out! Are you gonna translate it too?


    • Yes.


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