Posted by: yukachi | 10.12.10

Mahou Sensei Negima! Mou Hitotsu no Sekai OAD 04


Episode 4 is out!!! It took us a long time to release this but I’m glad we’re able to. I’d rather have a super late release than dropping it =P More action in this episode and we get to see the other characters who haven’t shown for a while. As always, special thanks to DmonHiro for translating. Only one more episode to go, yeah!!! D:

Episode 04


  1. Thanks for the release, but the aspect ratio seems to be screwed under MPC-HC (standard CCCP install). There are black bands at the horizontal edges causing the image to appear ‘squeezed’.


    • We’ll probably fix that in the batch, thank you for informing us.


    • it works nice with my ffmpeg based player. And im sure you codec pack includes ffmpeg to so you should modify your player/codec pack to use this codec instead of the default one who probobly isn’t good enough 😛


    • I used to use CCCP also, but is not updated and very old.
      K-Lite codec pack is the best now.


  2. Please Oh please put up an avi version? T_T please?…..


  3. I need some seeders on this please.


    • I forgot to add please. ^_^


      • nvm …..


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