Posted by: yukachi | 25.12.10

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Mamiko! I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season as we do. I have a feeling some people are expecting something from us at this particular time…

Well, FYI we are waiting for BD 02 raw of Tamayura. The BD was out on 23 but no one has uploaded a raw yet so we can only twiddle our thumbs and wait. As for Negima! Mou Hitotsu no Sekai Extra, we are waiting for the script. And I don’t know if anyone remembers this but we are finally going to release a TLR OVA batch soon. I know it has been months since we’ve finished TLR OVA but we kinda forgot that one =P To make up for that, we are making sure that it will be better. Details on why it’s better will be explained once we release the batch. Oh and we are helping our buddies in SHiN-gx in their two projects. Look forward to it… maybe next year? Well, this is SHiN-gx we’re talking about, they make our releases look like light-speed =P We’ve done all we could to speed them up so let’s just hope they release it soon >.>

And that’s about all I want to post. Merry Christmas!!!




  2. Empty that bag, stuff the chibi in it, launch it over your shoulder and RUN! We can meet near the coffee shop on Bower street for the exchange.

    Also, merry Christmas.


  3. Merry Christmas Mamiko!!! Wishing you all a wonderful time with friends and family and anyone you cherish! =D


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