Posted by: yukachi | 26.12.10

Tamayura OVA BD 02

BD 02 is out!!!

We’re almost done with Tamayura OVA!!! Wait, what?!! Almost done? There will be no more episodes for this OVA, BD 02 is the last one. It’s just that we are planning on releasing a batch for this OVA. It should be easy since we just need to take BD 01 & 02 together and make a batch torrent. But episode 4 gave us a little problem where we needed to implement a new typesetting rule. With the new rule in effect we kinda have to redo BD 01 =.= It’s just a minor thing though, just applying some italics in lines that need them… We could just ignore that rule for BD 01 but I want this OVA to be consistent and error free as possible. So those who are content with our work can archive BD 01 and 02 right now but for those who would like the very best version we could offer then wait for the batch release before archiving this OVA. ETA on the batch is on 12/27. And no, there won’t be any patch to fix BD 01 because we don’t know how to make one.

And just like BD 01, we included the character commentary track on the 1080p version only. Thanks for waiting, and please help us seed!!!

I really hate myself… Botched a sign in BD 02 so yeah, another v2 =.= XviD version release is delayed.

Here is the final version of the scripts w/ fonts for those who can remux:

Many thanks to v2, here is the patch for BD01 720p:

Please get BD 02 from our official batch release, this version is outdated. We will no longer seed this and we will remove the DDL links for this version.

Yay, I now know how to make a patch!!!
BD02v2 1080p Patch
BD02v2 720p Patch


  1. Yeah, first~!

    Thanks a lot mamiko… Keep up your good works


  2. Take your time. Good things are never quick.
    You guys rock for picking up this OVA.



  3. Can’t wait for 720p. Thanks for subbing this series~


  4. Waiting for 720p.


  5. Thanks for the hard work! I’ll wait for the batch then seed that =)
    Merry Christmas!!


  6. well, i hope someone will make patch for us…


  7. 1080p win! 😀


  8. as for v2, if it’s for script only, could you provide the script for download and own remux? furthermore, i’d do a patch


  9. >> There will be no more episodes for this OVA, BD 02 is the last one.

    You won’t make BD version of ep. 3 & 4 ??? O_O”


    • FYI, BD 02 contains ep. 3 & 4. And please get the batch version as that’s our final version of BD 01 & BD 02.


      • THX! I didn’t know that^^”
        I’m getting the batch version, thanks again… for the reply and the release! ^__^


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