Posted by: yukachi | December 27, 2010

Tamayura OVA BD Batch

We approve this batch!!!

This is it! The final version of our Tamayura BD release. That’s what I get for rushing things =.= Anyway, I’ve spent hours making sure this batch release is final. We will not turn back again and redo the BD’s. Like we have mentioned before, if you have spare money and would like to support Tamayura, please buy the DVDs or BDs at online stores like Play-asia or something.

This is it! We’ve done everything we could and we thank you guys for being patient with us. This is your reward, the very best release we have offered yet. Batch torrents is for 720p and 1080p, XviD version will be only available in DDL.

Forgot to mention, thanks to the following staff who made this project possible: CP, our awesome editor/QC. Kusion, for the OP karaoke. Jo-kun, for QCing. Tom, for seeding and uploading the DDLs. And me, yukachi, for doing the rest =P



Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 1
Part 2

Part 1
Part 2




  1. Thank you very much, yukachi-san.

  2. Is there an ETA for the 1080p?

    • Best case scenario, 12 hours after the time of my post. Worst case scenario, 24 hours or more after the time of my post.

      • never too long to wait for a great release as such

  3. Is there a 2v2 patch, or do I have to download it again? ^^;

    • Unfortunately, there’s no 2v2 patch as we did not make the patch for 1v2. You can ask the person who made the patch for 1v2 to make a 2v2 patch.

      Patch for all versions (except XviD) are available now.

  4. Thank you Mamiko Stuff;
    I think this version is also from TT, no ?

    The Blu-ray’s disk is availble for download here:

    • Yes, that’s the raw we used.

  5. Sorry, I mean Staff

  6. No DDL for 3&4?

    • There is already a DDL for 3 & 4 >.>

      FYI BD01v2 = Ep. 1 & 2 and BD02v2 = Ep. 3 & 4

      • Thanks.

  7. I see. I got confused as well. Thanks.

  8. Thanks for these guys!๐Ÿ˜€ and Happy New Year to your group~

  9. Someone please make a xdelta patch for the 1080p BD 1v1 to 1v2. Thx.

  10. thanks for the BD๐Ÿ˜€

    and i think it’s enough for me to archive BD1…. i have a lot of download list so i can’t stand v2๐Ÿ˜„

  11. thanks for this series! i think you guys could of used much better x264 settings for the encode though.

    • The video quality could have been better, I agree. But we don’t have a real encoder๐Ÿ˜›

  12. I have receive a letter from my ISP saying they got complain from a download that have made : [Mamiko]_Tamayura_OVA_03_TV_Broadcast_[720p]_[494BC601].mkv. Just saying so for all other people to watch out.


  13. […] watched the OVA already, we highly recommend doing so. Mamiko did the OVAs, and you can get them at here. A big thanks and shoutout to them for doing the […]

  14. Oyatsu brought me here!


  15. please seed 720p torrent

  16. Hello~

    I’m sorry to ask you this, as it may sound rude, but could you please reseed the 720p torrent (or tell me the hours during which you seed it, if you already do so -I’m french and thus I may sleep if you seed at night). I’m trying to download it and got a very high connection, but somehow this torrent doesn’t seem to want being downloaded…๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Thanks a lot !

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