Posted by: yukachi | 22.03.11

Fuga OVA 01


Surprise, surprise. Mamiko is back! This time we and SHiN-gx are doing the Fuga OVA because… I love Flandre! Oh, god. That soothing voice :3 Yeah, we’re kinda late in the game but we don’t care! Also, blame SHiN-gx for the slowness. We’ve done all we could to speed things up 😛

BTW, we are still working on Negima Mou Hitotsu no Sekai Extra OAD and hopefully we could release this before the end of March.

We apologize for the DDL and torrent screw-ups, blame SHiN-gx for this!! D:

Fuga OVA 01 (h.264+softsubs)
Fuga OVA 01 (XviD+softsubs)


  1. uTorrent on the mac does not like the torrent file. Just saying.


  2. megaupload link does not work =(

    fixed (tom)


  3. if u speed up epsd 2 then i’ll consider watching this anime. for me it was like 1 year wait for ova release in japan + 1 more year to wait for shin-gx to sub. i was like wtf?? i like mamiko though


  4. Megaupload claims the file is 26.8MB… perhaps the upload was interrupted?


    • wordpress is frucked. i will remove the link tomorrow. You will have to ask shin-gx why its not woking 😉

      If they dont do it before the weekend, i will 🙂


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