Posted by: yukachi | 25.03.11

Mahou Shoujo Yue OAD

We finally finished it!! D:

I can’t believe we’re able to actually finish this OAD, so many things happened and it took us almost forever. I know I’ve said this many times but special thanks to DmonHiro, without him this project would’ve been dropped. Also, thanks to everyone who worked on this project and to the peeps who patiently waited for this release. Anyway, there will be no batch for Negima because I’m still busy with my studies. I really want to tweak all the episodes, check for consistency and make a batch (like what we’ve done with our previous projects) but I have no time to do that.

Mahou Shoujo Yue OAD



  1. THX for the release! But the aspect ratio is wrong, 3:2 instead of 16:9 (though fixable by putting the aspect ratio to 16:9 with mkvmerge – no need to re-encode; you can find the aspect ratio setting under the format specific option’s tab in mkvmerge after loading the video).


  2. waw…thanks for finish it 😉

    can’t wait for its series XD


  3. Many thanks for your hard work. However I would like to point that in Negima spells and incantations ar spoken in latin, there is no “flower exarmatio” it is “flans [furansu] exarmatio” and it means “wind dissarment” in latin. Not that is big deal, I just love to bugs people on these little things.
    PS. I’m frm Poland, forgive me if my english is bad.


  4. Thanks Mamiko for the release! Also thanks tcm-man for the tip about setting it to 16/9 via mkvmerge.


  5. why is the resolution not 16:9???


    • Because we don’t have an encoder.


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