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RO-KYU-BU! Drama CD c00-c01

And here it is folks! Our third drama CD project! D: We thought of releasing chapter 00 first but it’s just an introduction and it’s too short so we decided to release it with chapter 01(which is 30 minutes in length). We’ve got two more chapters and a theme song to go, hopefully, we can finish this before May ends. We’re already working on chapter 02 as I type this post. Oh and tell us what you think about RO-KYU-BU! and our subs, we would like to hear some feedback 🙂

Short description of RO-KYU-BU! and the girls:
Subaru is a high school student who was once a member of the basketball club and through a series of events, becomes the coach of a grade school girls basketball club. Based on the light novel, the Drama CD was released last April and an anime will be aired on summer season. This is a harem series BTW, so for those who don’t like harems, be warned 😛

Tomoka – Red, short hair with one ribbon attached. She is the main girl in this harem. She’s voiced by Kana Hanazawa and she’s your typical cute and shy girl.

Maho – Blonde, twin tail with two ribbons. She is voiced by the lovely Yuka Iguchi. If you have seen Mayoi Neko Overrun!, Maho is exactly like Chise Umenomori. She’s the pompous rich girl.

Saki – Blue hair, twin pig-tails with glasses. She is voiced by Youko Hikasa(who voiced Mio from K-ON!). She’s the class president, the most serious and strict girl.

Airi – Brown, shoulder-length hair. She is voiced by Rina Hidaka. She’s probably the nicest girl and she’s quite the opposite of Last Order(whom Rina voiced). She’s also the tallest girl in the group, 172 cm!

Hinata – Pink, long hair. She is voiced by Yui Ogura. She refers to herself in the third person, is not shy and speaks in a child-like manner. She refers to Subaru as her big brother even though they are not related. She is the “younger sister” character.

Chapter 00-01



  1. wow….thanks for doing this 😀
    until summer then….i’ll satisfy myself with this 😀


  2. Uhh… Why is the translation so small? There’s no need for them to be SUBtitles when the only thing to look at is the words.


    • Hmmm… I guess it depends on screen size and such; I looked again and I think I’d find it hard to read if it was significantly larger. Thanks for your feedback, though.


    • I was kinda worried the subs are too small so I did the best that I can to make it as readable as possible. For me, it’s still readable and it doesn’t strain my eyes. But I guess I might be biased since I was the one who translated, timed and selected the font size for this release so I might not have noticed that the font really is small >.>


      • Your font size is fine. If someone is not sitting at his/her computer reading along in a font size that’s actually bigger than this message’s, then he/she is probably one of the few who will remark about font size. Also, any bigger and you would start covering your picture, and we can’t have that D:

        And @der, I had this argument with one of my friends. Making the “words” full-fledged subtitles introduces the timing element into the release, which is a rather important part of the experience. It can certainly change the way a translation is presented. But mostly, it provides convenience; you don’t have to follow along yourself. How many people would watch anime with a text translation on hand?

        Anyway, not to cause any hostility, but in the end, subtitling drama CDs provides a fuller experience than a simple wall of text would.


        • Oh, forgot to say nice job, people at Mamiko xD


  3. It’s Hanazawa Kana/Kana Hanazawa.


    • Yes, a little consonant switcharound there in the cast list ;D
      Please fix it, yukachi, I can’t update the web site.

      CP loves her voice…


    • Lol, fixed.


    • And, by the way, just to be clear (based on your nick): No, we will really not let you grab her ;D


      • Eh, well, you guys can fight over Kana while I enjoy Iguchi by myself >.>


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