Posted by: yukachi | 31.05.11

I wuv Iguchi Yuka

This post is dedicated to my favorite voice actor ever: Iguchi Yuka :3 Monday nights are so exciting because I always look forward to her web radio: “Iguchi Yuka no Moon”. Each episode is so entertaining, and it lifts my spirits up when I’m down.  There’s no boring moment when she talks, she never fails to deliver a smile to my face. She’s entertaining alone or with a partner or guest. Her interactions with her guests are interesting, specially if it’s Asumi Kana. Their chemistry is so natural and you can see that they are really best friends. Of course, she also has that lovely voice and I think she’s very talented (for a voice actor and radio personality). And that laugh! I can’t get enough of it 🙂 Plus, she’s attractive too! She’s in my top ten most attractive female voice actors. Anyway, I wuv Iguchi Yuka! I just want to let this out of my chest >.>



    Best radio personality evar. That episode of Asumin’s radio with her is the best thing I ever watched on the Internet


    • That episode of Hinatabokko was the best, although admittedly, I’ve only seen 2 episodes >.> Iguchi brings out the best of Moko-tan :3


  2. Damn. Although very good, she’s not my fav seiyuu in any way, gx may say what he wants.

    However, using that pic is so unfair. Drool…


    • You should convert to the Walking Church of Iguchi, man. Don’t try to resist it 😛


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