Posted by: yukachi | 05.06.11

Tamayuradio Plus Drama CD c01-03

And here is our first set of releases for Tamayura Drama CD! First, a brief introduction… The first 7 chapters came from the Tamayuradio (web radio) mini dramas and then the rest are new content for the Drama CD. The stories in here takes place within the OVA time frame.

Trivia and notes

  • In chapter 2, you might be wondering who “Moko-tan” is. If you’re a real fan (just kidding) of Asumi Kana then you would know that’s her nickname given by Iguchi Yuka. And if you’re wondering what’s that got to do with Tamayura, well, Norie is voiced by Iguchi and Kaoru is voiced by Asumi.
  • What is Tokyo Big Sight? I’m too lazy to explain so here’s some links: Link1 | Link2
  • In chapter 3, Kaoru blabbers some nonsensical words, they’re intentional!

P.S. Check out the latest Tamayura news.




  1. nani kore? u,hu,hu


  2. のむ~~~ん


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